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Our Philosophy

Goals, values and ideas for a great camping experience

  1. The best places for camping in Europe — we'd like to inspire you to explore both free and paid nature getaways that we think are unusual and, above all, magical.
  2. Safer and more wholesome — travelling in a caravan is healthier and more pleasant than in hotels, planes, cruise ships or taxis. You are closer to nature. Let's help our governments understand the benefits of camping.
  3. Save the camping spots — there are wild camping spots of pure beauty. They are the jewels of Europe. And we, the campers who stay there, are the main force that can make them thrive. Let’s join this movement together,  to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Our planet is our only home and we have the power to embrace change.
  4. Communication — we support an open dialog. We’d rather share our point of view with local communities, rather than being silent and hoping for good results. Not all places, cultures and countries are the same. And that’s a good thing. We cherish diversity.
  5. For the future generations — our children are the future leaders of the world. Help them inherit a planet that is a joy to explore. Take the responsibility for their future in your hands. We will try to do the same.
  6. Responsible travellers — we promote self-sufficient vehicles with in-board tanks that are set up to leave no trace while camping.
  7. Common sense enables more freedom —  we are in a rather complicated situation. Camping is becoming more and more popular, and not everyone shares our ethics or sustainable behaviour ideals. Let's work on this!
  8. Benefits for the local communities — think about how travellers and locals can work together for the benefit of both. Most campers can contribute to the communities they visit. Let’s improve this existing cooperation.
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