Parking at Steingletscher Lake

Switzerland  •  Bernese Oberland, Gadmen valley

Parking at Steingletscher Lake
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Glamour stay over among the glaciers

The silent beauty of the majestic three-thousanders on the shores of a glacial lake. An excellent starting point for hiking trails to explore the glacier near Susten pass. The luxury of tranquility is underlined by the nearby traditional cheese & wine organic shop with local delicacies.

The spot is located about halfway up the climb to the Susten Pass (2200 m above sea level). It is already uninhabited mountain area with several waterfalls. The winding mountain road to the pass rises with numerous bends, bridges and tunnels, and even in June the remains of melting snow drifts are no exception.

  • 20 lots
  • June to October
  • From 5 €
Parking at Steingletscher Lake

Found on the spot

Amazing views

Amazing views



Hiking trails

Hiking trails

Organic food

Organic food



The parking is large enough for about 20 caravans, accessible by asphalt road (3.5 m wide). The area is not inhabited except for a mountain hotel with a restaurant „in a bend“ 1 km away. The location is extraordinary for its impressive scenery, waterfalls and glacial moraines of the Steingletcher Glacier of the eponymous massif. It is not difficult to see marmots, predators or foxes.

Although the parking is open year-round, no one can get there from autumn to spring. It's a quiet road to the mountains and there is about 2 metres of snow from October until April, then it starts to melt until say June.

Enjoy your stay by traditional food

Rest after walk trip at one of two hotel restaurants nearby. You won't spoil anything, whether you have traditional alpine bacon, salami, cheese variations or just coffee with apple pie.

Steingletcher’s restaurant

Impressiove mountains views and waterfalls

Enjoy impressive views of rock peaks, waterfalls, wild streams and glacial lakes. Hike
inside the glacier kingdom.

Waterfall over the route

Payment for overnight stay

Parking is private but accessible without restrictions. The role of owner is played by a parking meter. As in the whole of Switzerland, it relies on honesty.

Parking meter speak in German, payment is only possible in cash in Swiss francs (5 CHF/night).

Steingletcher’s parking automat
Parking meter at the entrance to a private road

Address & GPS

Experiences Around

– Steingletscher: the location itself is interesting due to its location at the foot of the glacier and mountain giants
– Alpin Center Sustenpass: 1 km to a mountain restaurant with traditional Swiss cuisine
– Sustenpass: 7 minutes drive to the top of Sustenpass with a restaurant
– Aareschlucht: 22 minutes drive to the inconspicuous river Aare, which is gaining strength in the narrow rocks and after millennia has dug an impressive wild gorge in the rocks, accessible by raised footbridges and rock corridors

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