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Lago de Fusini superiore

Italia  •  Comune of Tarvisio in the Province of Udine

Lago de Fusini
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Breathtaking vista on mountains and glacial lakes

This parking area is absolutely unique and not to be missed! Though the policy for overnight stays is not very clear…you definitely have to try! Lago de Fusini are two glacial lakes in Italy and it is possible to drive up till the highest lake (superiore) and stay there for the night. 

  • 20 lotes
  • Spring to Autumn
  • Desde 15 €
Lago de Fusini
Lago de Fusini – parking

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Parque infantil

Parque infantil

Vistas increíbles

Vistas increíbles

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Vistas – and lakes & mountains

Lago de Fusini

Lago de Fusini

Unbelievable rugged mountain views

Turquois lakes, forest and even a herd of horses. Think Canada but in Italy. The feeling being on such a stunning location after the day visitors have gone home is definitely worth the trip.

Lago de Fusini

Lago de Fusi, upper lake

Don't shy away – it is a legal parking

Pay 15€ for a ticket at the entrance and drive up to the lakes

There are some reviews about people being send away by the guardian but this information is outdated. Trick is is not to come too early (preferably from 4pm) so day visitors are starting to leave the parking lot.

Lago de Fusini

Lago de Fusini parking lot, upper lake

Upon arrival at the higher lake the guard contacts the entrance desk and shows you where to park. You can prolong you stay for another 24hours if you like.

The lower lake definitely is worth a visit too… nice little restaurant, a water wheel and rowing boats for rent. While the upper lake gives you a better view of the Mangart (Julian Alps) forming the natural border between Italy and Slovenia, the lower lake has a more beautiful color and more facilities.

Lago de Fusini

Lago de Fusini, lower lake

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Alternative stay

If parking lot is filled up you can easily park at Area Sosta Fusine stazione, Via Ponze. This is about 15min cycling from the lakes. In snowy conditions the parking lot might not be cleared...

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