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Promoting Wineries

Camperguru is building a community of like-minded wine aficionados and owners of best wineries catering to campers.

Apply for adding your Winery to Camperguru collection. And let us help you thrive.

We are Your Partner

We are promoting your property as everybody should — as a winemaker with an excellent selection of wines and remarkable history. Not as a common overnight spot. Camperguru brings a different type of guests. Those looking for more joy and experiences, eager to try new wines, and explore beyond just one simple overnight. Let campers discover your original wines and your products during the stay. Create loyal and long term customers.

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Why Camperguru?

Camperguru lists only 5 % of the very best properties in each category, creating a highly curated guide and source of inspiration for discerning travellers.
Disconnect yourself from competing properties, increase your visibility witch rich SEO content and get more bookings from relevant guests — true wine enthusiasts.
Reach 30k+ relevant visitors monthly.


Do I pay something?

We offer multiple levels of visibility for each winery. Basic free plan offers only limited information to our unregistered users, with no direct contacts to your property. Paid partnerships include full visibility to all users, contacts and SEO links, possibility of booking your spot directly or via 3rd parties, online and offline promotion campaigns, access to Camperguru media and many more perks.


How to add my place?

  • Fill out our short questionnaire by clicking on the button List Your Place. Camperguru is an invitation only collection so we will asses wether we are a good match. We are looking for original wineries with ambitious owners, willing to make an extra step to their customers happy
  • Our team will contact you shortly with any other questions needed to create your free Camperguru Nominated profile.

Go Beyond the Basic Profile

Our aim is to drive the traffic and attention we get on Camperguru directly to your winery. As we are pro-actively choosing our partners, basic profile on Camperguru is always at no cost to owners.

However, only registered or paying Camperguru visitors see all content and features on your profile page. By leveraging paid Weblink, Guest and Unlimited plans, our partners are much more successful in converting admirers to actual guests — making the most of their presence in Camperguru collection.

Upgrading from free to paid profile will unlock much more potential and your property will reach more visitors. Let us get you the right tool to stand out of crowd, score more direct bookings and make the most of your Camperguru profile.

Your Winery Listing Includes

Boost your status, within the Camperguru collection

5 European Languages

Camperguru is translated into 5 European languages including — English, German, Spanish, French and Czech.

Clickable Links

Weblink plan

Two SEO links to your homepage, internal reservations or 3rd party booking platform, visible to all users.

Content for Google search

Our professional photography and refined property description is like a magic wand for better SEO reach.

Digital & Media Promo

Unlimited plan

We manage print & digital media promotions to magazine readers as well as thousands of our subscribers.

No neighbours

Unlimited plan Weblink & Guest plans

There are no “Nearby spots” on your profile. Don't bother with competition around you.

Booking window

Unlimited plan

Although we occasionaly promote products and services to campers, there are no 3rd party ads on paid profiles.

Licenced Photography

Unlimited plan

Extended use rights of Camperguru made photography and videos on your property website or elsewhere.

Direct contacts

Weblink plan

Display of phone, e-mail & social media profiles of your property to all users.

Full profile visibility

Unlimited plan

All visitors enjoy extended spot description, advanced features like wifi speed, all media and full contacts & links.

Choose From 3 Options

Weblink Plan

Nominated or Verified spot

Up to 15 spot photos

Near-by spots hidden

Spot contacts for users

Public SEO link to your website

No booking

Guest Plan

Nominated or Verified spot

Up to 15 spot photos

Near-by spots hidden

Spot contacts for users

Booking enquiry window

No outbound links


No outbound links

Unlimited Plan

Verified spot

Unlimited spot photos

Near-by spots hidden

Spot contacts for users

Unlimited booking enquiries

Public SEO link to your website

Preferred placement

External promotion

From €299


Already listed on Camperguru

Awesome! We are already fans of your place — Nominated spot — or our ambassadors visited your property and found it worth being on Camperguru — Verified spot. Caim your profile now, update the details and find out about our paid partnership offerings. We have the latest data on how your profile performs. Book a call with Jacob our co-founder, or fill out the simple form and we will reach to you with tailor made offer how to get the most from your Camperguru profile.

Not yet part of Camperguru?

No worries. We would love to know you. Fill out our onboarding form so we can assess if we are a match, create your Nominated profile or plan an ambassador visit and help you grow.

Join our Happy Spot Owners

Thank you very much. We really appreciate to be in a company of the best campsites of Europe. It is an honour for us.

— Lukas, lavender farm

I like this idea of curated collection. It took me a lot of time and resources to create a place l would be proud of. And I am happy that Camperguru spotted the value in it.

— Sarah, private spot owner in Cádiz

Once I have seen the website it was clear to me, that these guys know what they are doing.

— Marek, Zimolka family winery


Multi-language profile

Mobile app profile

SEO optimized content

Photos on the page

Large photos & full gallery

Address & GPS

Extended description

Link to web homepage

Social Media links

Description changes

Logotype display

Near-by spots in profile

Social media marketing

Media usage license


Yearly payment




Booking Fee

Weblink Plan




Max. 15


Signed-in users

Signed-in users









 € 59





Guest Plan




Max. 15


Signed-in users

Signed-in users

Premium+ users

Premium+ users











 €1 per night

Unlimited Plan
















1-9 Spots: € 299

10-49 Spots: € 399

50-99 Spots: € 499

100+ Spots: Individual


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Hands-on adventure for all senses

At Camperguru, we know you are in th wine business and not necessairly in the hospitality services. We understand that providing a camping space for your guests is just one of the ways to increase brand awareness and revenue.

Camperguru listing allows you to reach new customers to your brand. By offering them a safe space to stay overnight, you naturally increase the customer happiness and loyalty by letting them taste your wine right where its made — a true hands on adventure engaging all their senses.

The trend of staying off the beaten path, out of overcrowded campings, exploring new possibilities of overnights at unexpected locations boomed in recent years and is here to stay.

Campers love wineries

It’s a win-win situation for campers and wineries. Campers get a private, safe and legal place to sleep and the opportunity to explore your business, which they might have overlooked otherwise.

You score increased purchases that campers make while visiting, or even an income boost from payments for the overnight stays. But most importantly — the added long-term benefit of word-of-mouth referrals. There is nothing that beats the memory of campers enjoying those evenings with your wine in all its calmness and safety.

Camping market is fragmented, with local spot providers of low quality. Camperguru is on the mision to:

  • Find the very best camping experiences in the world
  • Building a community of like-minded travellers and owners
  • Inspiring and save valuable time of campers, guiding them to find the best spots quickly
  • Increasing exposure of businesses longing to take that extra step to perfection

Camperguru selects just about 5 % of all properties in camping to be included in our Verified Collection. To bring back clarity to the sudden increase of alternative outdoor stays and very fragmented camping market.

Reach 30k+ visitors monthly with us

At Camperguru, we offer multiple levels of visibility of each winery in Europe.

Non-registered Camperguru visitors see only the basic spot profile. Less photos, limited spot and contact details. This is the baseline visibility, free for wineries.

On the other hand — paid partner properties get way more. All photos and details visible to registered and non-registered visitors. Link to the winery website, social media profiles and extended promotion of your winery.

Get more bookings and finer guests

Camperguru offers 2 tiers of partnership. Guru Plan, paid anually with unlimited bookings & Pro Plan with low booking fees.

Guru Plan — is a fixed yearly payment with 0% booking commision. Starting at € 299 anually. This is the easy choice. You don't have to worry about booking fees and get all of Camperguru and extended promotion.

Pro Plan — If you prefer to keep low profile. We offer competitive commision structure starting at 8% fee per booking so you can easily manage your expenses.

Your spot visitors with no distractions

Disconnect your spot from near-by competiting properties.

With the free plan, your profile shows other overnight alternatives nearby. This drives guests out of your profile to explore other wineries and spots.

Both paid partnership plans keep your profile clean and without any distractions. And more, campers are more likely to book their stay at your place.

Focusing on you

By focusing on the core of your offer — excellent wine — showing prospective customers beforehand that your winery is not just about cheap or even free overnight, but offers each guest a great connoisseur experience worth spending the money on, we aim to be your long term and trusted business partner — not just another booking site.

We respect your already running and working internal processes and are fully flexible in how our commercial partnership works — ranging from free profiles through competitive booking commissions to yearly promotions offering the most benefits and top perks.

Our ambassadors will come over

Camperguru Verified profiles are a beautiful presentation of your business, with custom photography, texts and providing all information sought-after and needed by campers to steer them to your property.

The main feature which sets us apart is that personal experience — fact, that a member of Camperguru team visits your winery to throughly review the spot, highlighting the biggest advantages. Because all of our ambassadors — and founders too — are experienced campers. We are also able to advice you and help you improve services that create smile in other properties. We are ready to give you a first hand feedback on any hurdles.

And — don’t worry, we will not drain all your precious wine stash during our visit — or if we do, we pay for it, because it was so good.

No time to wait!

Let Camperguru know about your winery by filling in our questionnaire or setting up the call with Jacob our co-founder directly. We will asses each submission individually and if we are a match, we will proceed with creating your free Nominated or paid Verified profile fast.

Make the Right Decision Now

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