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coolest camping spots in Europe

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Explore our new curated selection of the best camper spots and outdoor stays

We don’t add all the camping spots — just the best ones. Only about 5% of properties in each location are included in the Camperguru Verified Collection.

Our ambassadors constantly search for amazing campings, camper parks, private spots, glamping nests, wineries, and other unique outdoor stays. So that you – the camping aficionados – can save time and trouble, while focusing solely on your journey.

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Medora Orbis Camping & Glamping

Beach Camping

Campsites by the sea are one of the most popular camping destinations. Listen to the waves before falling asleep and get refreshed by morning swim in the sea, right after waking up.

Reisten Winery

Winery Camping

Join winery camping, where you can indulge in your love for wine while immersing yourself in the great outdoors. Winery experiences offer a perfect blend of relaxation and indulgence. Wake up surrounded by vineyards, sipping on a glass of wine as the sun rises.

Camping with dogs

Camping With Dogs

As an experienced camping enthusiast and devoted dog lover, I know just how important it is to properly prepare your furry friend for a memorable outdoor adventure. Before embarking on this exciting journey, there are several crucial factors that demand your attention.


Work on the road

Need an extra space for get things done? Remote work from camping beats a home office any day of the week. Explore our collection of workation and digital nomad friendly places.

Armenistis Camping & Bungalows

Family Campsites

Welcome to the wonderful world of family camping! Immerse yourself in nature and create cherished memories with your loved ones.

Lago de Fusini

Lakeside Camping

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure? Discover the enchantment of camping by the lake, where tranquility, natural beauty, and endless outdoor fun await you.

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Top Gear for Camping

Top Gear for Camping

Have more fun on your caravan trips with the right equipment Time flies incredibly fast. Therefore, we should treat every day like it is a gift! Over a decade ago, I was searching for our family's first caravan and discovered the emerging company Burimex, which imported used ones from England. It was somewhere near Beroun where the…

Internet in your Motorhome – Find the right WiFi router and provider for traveling

Internet in your Motorhome – Find the right WiFi router and provider for traveling

Welcome to our article dedicated to WiFi solutions for mobile internet for motorhomes. As experts at and passionate remote workers, we can have first-hand experience of how important a reliable internet connection is when traveling or on holiday. Life in a campervan offers a lot of freedom and adventure. But there are also challenges, for example finding…

Tolls maut in Europe

Motorway & Road Tolls for Campers in Europe +Map

This might be the most complete list of European tolls. We have tried to verify and describe as accurately as possible all the information about the countries concerned. However, it is possible that something is described incorrectly or superficially. If you have better information, please post it in the comments. We will be more than…

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Camping beyond the plain ordinary

Camperguru shares unique experiences to enrich your camping & vanlife memories

Focusing only on the top experiences featuring luxury amenities, Camperguru provides a go-to resource to inspire you for your next camper journey.

Imagine how it will feel when you get there. Brief yourself with all the planning details, such as opening times, available services, amenities and highlights of the place.

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Camperguru The Curated Camping Collection
For Campers By Campers

For Campers by Campers

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