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Nomadic Lifestyle Ambassadors

Seasoned campers searching for the jewels of camping & magical experiences.

Luc and Carin

Gone For Long

Worldwide travellers • Belgium117 spots

Vita & Family

Family of 4 • Europe77 spots
Camperguru ambassador Zdechovan

Where is Frankie

Family of 3 • Spain26 spots

Tasha and Tristan

Couple • Austria & UK26 spots

RV rodina

Family of 4 • Czechia & Spain24 spots
Pikador Van

Pikador Van

Travelling couple • Czechia12 spots


Family of 4 • Poland11 spots


Couple • Europe10 spots


Couple • Germany8 spots

Marty The Van

Couple • Europe6 spots

Ctyri jinak

Family of 4 • Europe5 spots
Zebra na cestach

Zebra on the road

Family of 4 • Czechia4 spots


Ambassador • Europe2 spots
Spainsh Wine Expert

Amos & Ellen

Couple • Spain2 spots
Photographer Radim Kolibik

Kolibik Photography

The Photographer • Europe2 spots
Milan Zemanek


Family • Czechia1 spot
Naruby Life Team


Family of 6 • Spain1 spot

Adamova Cesta

Family of 4 • Czechia1 spot
rado anet nomad camper

Nomad Camper

Family of 3 • Czechoslovakia1 spot

Adam & Iva

Couple • Czechia

Exclusive locations are not as easy to find as you might think. We work with a community of dedicated campers to share the best spots with you.

Ambassadors at Camperguru are top grade camping pros with a solid track record of one or more years spent on the road. They have visited several countries. Most of them work on the road, while some live the vanlife full-time.

To find tranquil beauty and zen happiness while camping you need to find spots that are safe and offer great amenities that make your stay fantastic. These are spots where you look forward to travelling to again. When scrolling through Instagram, living the camper life or vanlife might seem easy. But don’t be fooled by social media — wild camping requires planning and preparation.

Empower your next journey with the experience of fellow digital nomads and seasoned camping pros. Let us help you pick unforgettable camping spots around Europe. Let us inspire you.