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A curated selection of the best camper spots and outdoor stays

We help explorers create breathtaking memories

Camperguru is a place of inspiration for passionate travelers and explorers of the great outdoors who don’t like to compromise on quality.

With limited time and an abundance of camping locations to choose from, we are here to select the very best ones on the planet. We're creating a unique collection of carefully curated campsites, camper parks, private spots, and glamping sites with detailed, honest descriptions and extraordinary photography. Our mission is to save a traveler’s time, promote responsible travel, and help the best properties shine, among others.  

Verified collection

Outdoor stays where you feel quality and positive energy from the first moment. Our ambassadors have checked the details, taken crisp photos, and written a complete and accurate description. We stand by each of the featured spots.

Wild Card spots

These hidden gems are unique. Sometimes they miss an amenity, have a quirky checking-in process, or are not bookable. But they always offer a genuine and authentic experience for great value. If you're a true explorer, you'll love them. Remember that wild card spots aren't for everyone, so read the description carefully before plotting a wild card spot into your GPS.


These are new spots recently added on Camperguru. Our ambassadors will visit these spots to make sure that everything is as it should be and they can be included in our Camperguru Collection.

You are in good company

The best spots are here

The best camping spots are already on Camperguru. We carefully curate and enlist a limited amount of properties available per region — around 5 % – to present only the most magical ones. We don’t list places we wouldn’t visit more than once.

Longer stays. Passionate campers

Our campers generally stay longer at their chosen location and book in advance. They value high-quality camping spots and are typically more respectful of the environment. Being part of the Camperguru Verified Collection means fewer unknowns and hassle for both campers and spot owners.

A true partnerthip

We craft your listing with wow-level photography and juicy copy to encourage travelers to dream about visiting your property. We keep you in control of your rates, synchronize your calendars and promote your property across multiple marketing funnels. We aim to establish a long-term professional relationship, providing our partners with real value.

By the pool

I like this idea of curated collection. It took me a lot of time and resources to create a place l would be proud of. And I am happy that Camperguru spotted the value in it.

— Sarah – private spot owner in Cádiz

Aerial view of camper spot by the sea

We are very proud of our new Camperpark. We are listening to our customers needs and constantly upgrading. Camperguru further validated our path, so We can improve even more.

— Jean & Adriana – Camperpark owners in Alicante

Lavender field with a caravan

Thank you very much and we really appreciate it, to be in this company of the best campsites in Europe is an honour.

— Owners of Lavender Farm, Czechia

6 Quick Questions about Camperguru, Amos & Vita (co-founders)

Camperguru in the media

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I got inspired by Camperguru?

Camperguru is building a unique curated collection of best camper spots and outdoor stays on the planet. We constantly search for great camping experiences and personally and honestly review them to save your precious time. Enjoy preparing Your trip without browsing through thousands of campsites, camperparks, private spots, farms & retreats…In multiple camping apps, on booking sites and instagram accounts. We do the heavy lifting for you.

How can I be sure I will like the spots in Camperguru Collection?

Life is an adventure. But We at Camperguru are pretty experienced and demanding travellers ourselves and our focus on quality, uniqueness & experience allows us to narrow down the right properties. Our internal vetting process consists of many non-negotiable data points properties has to pass – and – a big chunk of gut feeling. We confess that We get burned pretty offten during reviews, so use our knowledge and mistakes to your advantage. Try one of the Camperguru Collection spots and see for yourself.

Why I don't see customer reviews on Camperguru?

We believe most of the current review systems are flawed or useless. Fake reviews by fake reviewers, 4.7 vs 4.9 points for campsite's “children friendliness”, various incentives from owners to post a positive review, bad reviews from competitors – you name it. We also strongly believe in quality over quantity, so it's time to give that quality a voice – Camperguru Verified Collection. However – We do value your feedback, so after every stay You can send us your experience and We will work with our hosts to make it even better for next time!

I have a campsite / camperpark / private land…Can I get listed on Camperguru?

Definitely! Use our Add a spot page, fill in the form and We will check you out!

Can I have my property listed on other platforms?

Of course! Camping is about freedom and We believe our partners should be free too. We help them by creating more exposure, promoting their uniqueness and increasing market value of their properties. We are not in the business of creating walled gardens. Are You in a walled garden? Contact us at and We will help you. It’s kinda like changing your cell operator – feels difficult at first, but joy from new benefits after making that leap will overwhelm you.

How do I get accepted to Camperguru Verified Collection?

If We vet your property as generally suitable for Camperguru Collection (We search for properties ourselves as We unlock new regions, but also accept tips from both travellers & property owners), We first list you as a Camperguru Nominated spot. Camperguru team will then contact you about visit from one of our Ambassadors. After personally reviewing and photographing your property, We will list it in the Camperguru Verified Collection. Or not – it happens too.

Who are those Camperguru Ambassadors exactly?

We pursue only one goal – to present your property the best way possible. Thats why We only work with professional photographers and travellers on building the Camperguru Collection. All of our Ambassadors are experienced travellers and creatives fully competent to create awesome media for your Camperguru listing. Our in house team will then curate and polish the best shots, compose an awesome copy – description – and contact You again for verifying it's all precise and picture perfect.

Do I pay something for being on Camperguru?

Camperguru provides high value professional photography, copywriting and marketing services to drive traffic and promote your property directly, so to help cover the cost of this service We bill yearly listing fee for Camperguru Verified Collection. When traveller book his stay via Camperguru website or through one of our affiliates, We also take small commission from this transaction. Contact us for more info at

Our Philosophy

Goals, values and ideas for a great camping experience

  1. The best places to camp in Europe – we'd like to encourage you to explore free and paid nature getaways that we think are unusual and, above all, magical.
  2. Safer and healthier – travelling by caravan is healthier and more enjoyable than in hotels, planes, cruise ships or taxis. You are closer to nature. Let's help our governments understand the benefits of camping.
  3. Save the campsites – there are wilderness campsites of pure beauty. They are the jewels of Europe. And we, the campers who stay there, are the main force that can make them thrive. Let's join this movement together to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Our planet is our only home and we have the power to accept change.
  4. Communication – we support open dialogue. We prefer to share our views with local communities, rather than keeping quiet and hoping for good results. Not all places, cultures and countries are the same. And that is a good thing. We cherish diversity.
  5. For future generations – our children are the future leaders of the world. Help them inherit a planet that is a pleasure to explore. Take responsibility for their future into your own hands. We will try to do the same.
  6. Responsible travellers – we favour autonomous vehicles with on-board tanks that are configured to leave no trace while camping.
  7. Common sense allows more freedom – we are in a rather complicated situation. Camping is becoming more and more popular and not everyone shares our ethics or ideals of sustainable behaviour. Let's work on that!
  8. Benefits to local communities – think about how travellers and locals can work together to benefit both. Most campers can contribute to the communities they visit. Let's improve this existing cooperation.
  9. What do you think?

It's personal. We live camping.

Vitavalka Vitezslavvalka

Vita, Renata and their girls have been traveling around Europe for over a decade. They have tried a caravan, a roof-top tent and a camper van. And have traveled with their family from Morocco to Turkey. They combine a home with long-term travel.

Vita Valka
CEO & Design at Camperguru

Spanishwineexpert Amosstruck

Amos and Ellen only joined the van lifestyle a few years ago, but have been enjoying it ever since. A lot. They live in Spain and explore Europe from there. Their daily routine includes working remotely and enjoying every day.

Amos Struck
Growth at Camperguru

Ready for the future?