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The History

Infusion of inspiration loved by over 18 000+ subscribers and growing. An easy to read diary of Camperguru, tips on awesome spot finds and camping news from all Europe. Uncover behind the scenes at Camperguru here or on Telegram. Let's explore the great outdoors together.

Introducing Premium+

No.10 — Feb 9, 2023

Top 100 Camping Gear

The Best Camping Gear

No.9 — Oct 13, 2022

Ready for Winter Camping

Ready for Winter Camping?

No.6 — November 5, 2021

Tips for Czechia and Croatia

Tips for Czechia and Croatia

No.4 — June 22, 2021

First 39 Camper Spots

First 39 Camper Spots

No.3 — May 5, 2021

The story behind our baby

The story behind our baby

No.1 — March 7, 2021

GuruCamper becomes Camper Guru

Guru Camper becomes Camperguru

Launch — January 10, 2021

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Top Gear for Camping

Top Gear for Camping

Have more fun on your caravan trips with the right equipment Time flies incredibly fast. Therefore, we should treat every day like it is a gift! Over a decade ago, I was searching for our family's first caravan and discovered the emerging company Burimex, which imported used ones from England. It was somewhere near Beroun where the…

Internet in your Motorhome – Find the right WiFi router and provider for traveling

Internet in your Motorhome – Find the right WiFi router and provider for traveling

Welcome to our article dedicated to WiFi solutions for mobile internet for motorhomes. As experts at and passionate remote workers, we can have first-hand experience of how important a reliable internet connection is when traveling or on holiday. Life in a campervan offers a lot of freedom and adventure. But there are also challenges, for example finding…

Tolls maut in Europe

Motorway & Road Tolls for Campers in Europe +Map

This might be the most complete list of European tolls. We have tried to verify and describe as accurately as possible all the information about the countries concerned. However, it is possible that something is described incorrectly or superficially. If you have better information, please post it in the comments. We will be more than…

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Upper Class Gear

Gear maximizing your experiences in the wild outdoors

Our ambassadors hand-selected the highest quality & most endurant gear that they use themselves. Exclusive sellection of renowned providers delivering to your home or camper.

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