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No.10 — Feb 9, 2023

Top 100 Camping Gear

The Best Camping Gear

No.9 — Oct 13, 2022

Ready for Winter Camping

Ready for Winter Camping?

No.6 — November 5, 2021

Tips for Czechia and Croatia

Tips for Czechia and Croatia

No.4 — June 22, 2021

First 39 Camper Spots

First 39 Camper Spots

No.3 — May 5, 2021

The story behind our baby

The story behind our baby

No.1 — March 7, 2021

GuruCamper becomes Camper Guru

Guru Camper becomes Camperguru

Launch — January 10, 2021

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Camping Near the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain

Camping Near the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain

Spain has long been a popular holiday destination and with amazing campsites close to such beautiful towns, it is easy to see why Spain stands out as the premier European camping destination, captivating outdoor enthusiasts year-round. Its diverse landscapes, from sun-kissed Mediterranean coasts to rugged mountain ranges, provide an unparalleled canvas for camping adventures. The country's…

Renting an RV

Ultimate Guide to Renting an RV for Camping in the USA

Maureen Hochdorf, aka Mommy Mo Adventures, has always been an avid traveler. Beginning her adventures alone, she was eventually joined by her husband and now travels with her daughter too, recognizing the importance of passing on the value of travel to her family. Maureen writes frequently of her experiences while traveling to other countries, and…

20 Incredible Budget Campsites Under €20 for Your Summer Getaway

20 Incredible Budget Campsites Under €20 for Your Summer Getaway

Let's go back to the days when a camping holiday was the best option for those on a budget! Most of us, whether living in our campers or only getting them out for holidays, choose these awesome vehicles because of the idea that whilst using them as our homes, we will be able to keep costs down….

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