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Years ago, we were newbie campers. We didn’t know how a family could fit into a tiny space. Or how secure caravan travels are. How many compromises would be needed? Well, we learned a lot during the years, blogged, spoke on meetups, and now want to share it with you. This book is a selection of tips, notes, and ideas for you to get out.

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Over 800 days on the road

Getting out of the daily routine by going camping is one of those re-energising options accessible to some of us, but still lying undiscovered and enjoyed by only a few. The good thing is that this minority has been growing steadily for decades.

Vita, the co-founder of Camperguru and freelance web designer by trade, who always loved to travel and explore new places wrote their family diary. Since high school, he didn't mind changing the place where he lived and quite often traveled around Europe, to the US, or beyond.

In the early days of his travels, he liked hotels. You just get there & everybody is there to help. Non-Stop. And you can disappear easily, without the need to wash dishes or make up the bed.

And then – everything changed after the kids were born.

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