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Years ago, we were newbie campers. We didn’t know if a family could fit into a tiny space. Or how safe caravan travels are. We wondered how many compromises we would need to make. Well, we learned a lot along the way, we blogged, and we spoke at meetups. Now we want to share all our knowledge with you. This book is a selection of tips, notes, and ideas to help you to get out camping.

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Escaping the daily routine by going camping is one of those re-energising options accessible to many of us. Yet, it’s still fairly undiscovered and enjoyed only by a few. The camper community has been growing steadily for decades, though.

Vita is the co-founder of Camperguru and a freelance web designer by trade. He’s always loved to travel and explore new places and decided to record his adventures on the family diary. Since high school, he moved around a lot and he often travelled around Europe, to the US, and beyond.

In the early days of his travels, Vita liked hotels. You just get there and everybody is there to help. You can disappear easily, without washing the dishes or making the bed.

Everything changed once the kids were born.

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