Kemp Matyas

Camp Matyáš — a unique sense of well-being

We have all experienced that sense of anticipation and excitement when entering a new campsite – what is it going to be like, will the reviews relate to the reality, is it going to be a hidden treasure that begs for repeat visits? Camp Matyáš ticks all of these boxes, found close to Prague in the picturesque countryside of Vraný nad Vltavou.

Kemp Matyas
The campsite: Kemp Matyas

A camp where everything is done with love and great care for guests

When you arrive at Camp Matyáš, it is clear from the first moment when you are welcomed with open arms that you are a valued guest at this campsite. The owner is all smiles and will feed you with all the information you could want and need about the campsite and the surroundings. All of the services are well explained and you will also receive advice and tips on how to make your stay even more pleasant. There are different areas to choose from to set up camp, but all are as wonderful as each other so it can be a difficult choice!

All your refreshment needs are met!

Camp Matyáš has a fabulous restaurant on-site, and if you thought the friendly and cheerful vibes were just the mandate for the welcome, you will happily be proved wrong. Warmth and cheer permeate every area of this campsite and the restaurant is no exception. It is located next to the fountain, and the outdoor terrace and garden breathes a homely atmosphere. Your every need will be attended to, whether that’s a cold beer on a hot day or a tasty snack to recoup some energy.

Camp Matyáš
Camp Matyáš — resting and dining area

The fountain outside the restaurant is not just for decoration. On hot days, children can dash through the jets. There is no reason why this should only be a spectator sport for the adults of course, though the comfortable loungers are rather tempting and a good drink is so easily ordered from the restaurant…

Outstanding facilities

Using a bathroom is not usually something that needs to be documented in great detail, but the facilities at Camp Matyáš simply must be described! You would be forgiven for forgetting that you are using public services since as much care is obviously taken over these bathrooms as you would take in your own home. As a lovely extra touch, important necessities are freely available here, such as razors, shampoo, conditioner, and tampons. This is the kind of service you expect at a fancy hotel, so it is an incredible perk to see this at a campsite.

Camp Matyas
Camp Matyas — laundry with a view

All kinds of campers are welcomed equally at Camp Matyáš. There are wonderfully spacious plots available for larger mobile homes and caravans. For those that have less well-equipped vehicles or prefer tents, there is a really luxurious kitchen on site for everyone’s use. It’s fully equipped including two small dining tables and is always clean. Next to the kitchen in the shade of a gorgeous walnut tree is a barbeque area with a brick grill and there is also a herb garden for guests to freely use.

Camp Matyáš
Camp Matyáš — grass field is always a level-up

Family-friendly is an understatement

Camp Matyáš has been created with families and children in mind, so there is no need to worry about your kids being bored when holidaying here. Guests will find a children’s room full of toys and a TV, which is the perfect wet-weather room. There is also an outdoor play area where kids will burn through some energy!

Camp Matyáš
Playground at Camp Matyáš

It is only natural that Camp Matyáš caters so well to families since it is a family-run business itself. Two sisters and their husbands run the site, and many years ago transformed an orchard into this wonderful camping space. The site has naturally expanded and improved over the years to become the memorable place that it now is. It is common to encounter campers here that enjoyed the spot when it first opened and have indulged in a holiday here every year since. This only speaks to the sincere friendliness of the owners – they are not trained in hospitality with a fake smile and the words that guests want to hear; their warmth comes from the heart, and it’s this honest love for their campsite and their guests that is felt by everyone who stays here.

What about the local area?

With so much awesome entertainment at Camp Matyáš, it is tempting to spend your entire holiday on-site! However, if you fancy getting out for a day or two, you can rent a bicycle from the reception for a tiny fee and enjoy the local cycle paths. Should the river call to you, you can even rent a motorboat with a full tank of petrol from the campsite and head off to explore.

Camp Matyáš
Camp Matyáš — photo from

If you want to go a bit further afield, it is not a long drive into the center of Prague. It is also possible to travel to the city by boat if you have one! It is such a treat to have this fantastic city in such close proximity. To enjoy the hustle and bustle of Prague during the day, but be able to return to the peace and quiet of Camp Matyáš in the evening is ideal.

No doubt, it goes without saying that Camp Matyáš cannot be recommended highly enough. The facilities are run to the highest of standards, all the work is carried out with love and respect, and a unique family atmosphere engulfs the camp. Also, do not think that such luxury must be unaffordable to those on a budget – outside of the six or seven weeks that this camp designates as peak season, it can be less than €20 per night to stay here!

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