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It's here! We are planning our second big trip. And want to try something new. I will shoot a couple of videos on our trip. It will be a challenge – I have never filmed anything more than our kids. Fingers crossed.

Our goal is Sicily. According to rough plan the trip will take 8-12 days, or maybe longer. Southern Italy we had in our minds for some time and what is more, in Camping, Cars & Caravans magazine (1/2013 and 2/2013) we have read an article on Sicily in campervan. So here we go in a similar way.

Steps before we go

  • The most important question was, if the caravan has had made it through winter. It has stayed under a roof, but I am not sure if we got all the water out properly. We found absolutely perfect long-term stay for our caravan in Moravia. And during my recent check I have seen another caravan at the same place.
  • For better feeling about target location it is always vital to go through couple of galleries with photos. We've found some very clear galleries at Caravan24 a Czech camping website.
  • It is also good idea to look at long-term weather forecast on the site, hhere you can find thermal map of Europe as well.
  • Another important step is 3G+ coverage of you cell phone carrier. I have found this on  Italian Vodafone website and it looks decent.

Do you have experience with ferries?

26th March 2013 — I have to admit that I found very little information about traveling on a ferry with a caravan. So here we go, and there at the end of the rainbow, we will know right at the spot. But if you have some information or experience, I will be happy to listen to them! — Already solved on our trip to Sicily.

First video: After winter

Inspirational nomadic stories

If you are thinking, if nomadic life is the right way for you, I recommend you to dive into stories of people, who have blended traveling, work and family life on a regular basis.

Malimish Airstream

American family in Airstream

Australian couple renting Airstreams

Examples from Czech Republic

Jakub Polak & Westfalia T3

Another nomad-flavored stories

Books important for me

Not that I would be reading books a lot, but these examples are total life-changers. Some of them I read thanks to which is great, if you are driving a car and you don't like to listen to the same stuff all over again. These books are not about being a nomad, more about life attitude — an attitude that brought me to nomadic lifestyle.

37signals Getting Real Robert Kiyosaki - Rich dad poor dad John Vanhara - Podnikani v USA
kahney-jak-mysli-steve-jobs Gladwell - The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers
37signals Restart Scott Belsky Making Ideas Happen Gary Vaynerchuk Crush It


And my more recently recommended books for nomads and van life.

These are on bucket list

  • Walter Isaacson: Steve Jobs
  • Tony Hsieh: Happiness Delivered
  • Tomáš Hajzler: Peníze nebo život
  • Tomáš Hajzler: Svoboda v práci
  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb: The Black Swan

Is freelancing really that great?

I would like to mention my view on working as an employee or as a freelancer. I recommend to read that article, if right now your employee's hat is not a perfect fit for you. Personally, I am bit more optimistic, because I want to streamline my approach to the ideal life. Tomáš Hajzler is describing this subject really well.

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