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Resort Radslavice — a small, family camp with a personal touch

Do you love jumping in your camper, hitting the road, and discovering new places? One of our favorite things when enjoying camping holidays is driving into a beautiful, unique environment with loads of different activities, trips, and unusual experiences found in the surroundings. Resort Radslavice is one such place. It is located on the outskirts of a small village in the district of Přerov and the owners believe that camping is an experience to be treasured from start to finish.

Resort Radslavice
Resort Radslavice — aerial view

Resort Radslavice is the kind of place where you plan to camp for a couple of days and then extend your stay to a week or longer, because of the incredible area and the amazing site itself. When you arrive here, you are welcomed with open arms! All kinds of campers can park up here and there are also some apartments cottages and cozy rooms in the main building.

A small, family camp where well-being is paramount

On arrival at this camp, one can’t help but notice the atmosphere of absolute novelty. It is a relatively new resort and it’s obvious that the owners take care of it with love. They seek to constantly make improvements to both the physical aspects of the camp and to their guests’ experiences with them. Though their website gives you some idea of what to expect, when staying here you will always come across some new addition that will make your stay more pleasant.

Resort Radslavice
Barbecue at Resort Radslavice

One fantastic advantage of this place is that you can come and go at virtually any time, though the site is still secured with an automatic gate. Your entry card is dispensed via a vending machine standing out front. You do need to drive really close to the gate to activate it, so don’t hang back and assume that your card isn’t working! At the payment machine, you also choose the length of your stay and pay it all upfront.

Wonderful, spacious parking with great amenities

There isn’t a permanent reception, but the owners come by every day. They are so friendly and helpful and will always do their utmost to assist you in any way you need. Inside the main building, there is a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and a large common room. This is also where the rooms for rent can be found.

Resort Radslavice
Wooden lodge porch with a view of Resort Radslavice

With the exception of the access road, the whole camping area is perfectly grassed, almost like a classic English garden! Take off your shoes, relax, and let the lawn massage your feet while enjoying the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The whole family can unwind and enjoy this spot

If you choose to stay in the accommodation, you will not be disappointed. It is so well equipped with everything you could possibly need; it is like moving into a home from home. The whole camp is perfectly clean and smells like new! There’s a fantastic playground to keep the kids entertained and parents can keep an eye on them from the outdoor seating in front of each apartment. The entire area is securely fenced too, so there's no need to worry about your children wandering off.

Resort Radslavice
Shared kitchen at Resort Radslavice

At the exit of the site there are containers for sorted waste and an area for emptying chemical toilets. There is also a kitchen sink for dishes, which is accessible from the outside of the main building. The facilities are all open for everyone, not just those staying in tents or basic campers. In front of the main building is a gorgeous terrace with seating and a herb garden, which guests are free to use.

This is the idyllic camping dream come true!

Resort Radslavice
Resort Radslavice and their — feel free to pick — herb garden

Resort Radslavice has an awesome fireplace, with seating enough that families can meet up here and share camping stories. All the equipment that you could possibly want to make the most out of an open fire is provided and if anything is missing the owners will ensure that it is soon supplied. Their incredibly positive, can-do attitude is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the atmosphere of this campsite. The small size of this camp enhances the personal vibes and adds to the homely feel that you just don't get at larger campsites.

So much to do in the surrounding area!

Within a 45 minute drive is a beautiful zoo, Zoo Lešná u Zlína. This is a popular tourist attraction, so it is best to arrive early for a chance of decent parking! The Lešná chateau is also found within these gardens, so history lovers will enjoy themselves here as much as animal lovers.

If you don’t fancy getting in the car, the surroundings of the campsite are perfect for cycling, roller-blading, or just simple hiking. Just a few hundred meters away, there’s a wonderful bike path running along the river Bečva, which leads eventually to the town of Přerov, a fantastic place to explore. An alternative bike route leads to the ancient town of Lipník nad Bečvou, with its historic old town center and lookout tower. Helfštýn Castle, one of the largest in Europe, awaits adventurers willing to head out just a little further from the campsite.

Resort Radslavice
Resort Radslavice has also bike paths around

Further still is the castle in Tovačov, which is roughly 15km from the Resort Radslavice. If you’ve traveled that far, why not check out the deepest freshwater cave in the world in the town of Hranice, the Hranické abyss? On hot summer days, take a leisurely bike ride to the flooded quarry and natural swimming pool Jadran near Lipník nad Bečvou. This is the perfect spot to relax.

If you find that you need additional inspiration for possible day-trips, you can always chat to the owners of Resort Radslavice, or seek the advice of other campers around the fire of an evening! The whole camp is covered by great WiFi, so further research and planning is always possible. Tourist information and maps can also be found in the main building.

Resort Radslavice
Resort Radslavice — main lodge from outside

Do not hesitate to come and experience this place for yourself!

Whether you can stay for two weeks or only spare a night, you will not be disappointed by your time at Resort Radslavice. The self-service approach to check-in is so convenient and easy; the only time this might not work is during the highest tourist season when it may be busy. When you leave, you will find yourself figuring out when you can come back again!

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By Tasha and Tristan • May 2022

Tasha and Tristan are enthusiastic camper travelers, currently journeying in their orange vintage Mercedes van. Natasha, who previously lived in Borneo working for orangutan conservation, brings a minimalist lifestyle to their vanlife. The couple, without a permanent base, take on various projects across Europe, from pet-sitting to house renovation, earning enough for food and petrol. They constantly seek incredible camper stops to share with Camperguru members.

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