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Zum Wilden Michel

Germany  •  Schwarzwald

Zum Wilden Michel
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ID: 61304

Yin & Yang alternative campsite for music, culture and nature lovers

This is not your usual camping place. There are two personas of Zum Wilden Michel. Weekdays are calm and quiet, as one would expect from the spot located at the heart of Black Forest. Enjoy starring at the green meadows and listening to quiet (besides occasional tractor or a passing car). Nothing will disturb you. A Bavarian stube will serve you local food, cakes and bock bier. On weekends, however, all changes and Zum Wilden Michel is where the action is. Regular metal concerts and other cultural and music events will keep you on your toes.

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Address & GPS

Zum den Wilden Michel

Camping area – meadow & terraces

Part of the camping area is being rebuilt to provide more comfort for “classic” campers with electricity and water nearby, in a terraced and levelled terrain. The rest of Wilden Michel stays a meadow for smaller campers or tents, with more “freecamping” experience.

Zum den Wilden Michel - camping

Zum den Wilden Michel – camping

Enjoy tranquility and real camping

Zum Wilden Michel - camping

Zum Wilden Michel – camping

The relaxed atmosphere at Zum Wilden Michel is the merit. Meeting fellow travellers, enjoying stargazing, evening talks and slow, quiet mornings is why you should visit

Restaurant on site

Except awesome home kitchen and beer in local “Stube”, Zum Wilden Michel  hosts regular food festivals and barbecue. Also, this is the place where to catch the wifi and do some work / post your experiences.

Zum den Wilden Michel - Vesperstube

Zum den Wilden Michel – Vesperstube

Glamping bubble & accomodation

If you don't come in your own camper, you can try Glamping bubble, which is located away of main camping ground and boasts amazing views. Rooms for rent are also available in the main building.

Zum Wilden Michel - Glamping bubble

Zum Wilden Michel – Glamping bubble

Showers & toilets – basic but clean

Zum den Wilden Michel means no luxury, but clean and working sanitary facilities with possibility to wash your clothes are provided.

Flyover & Walkthrough

Cultural events – the Yang of Wilden Michel

Zum den Wilden Michel - cultural events

Zum den Wilden Michel – cultural events

Zum den Wilden Michel - concerts and events

Zum den Wilden Michel – concerts and events

Space for both small and big kids

For the smallest ones there is a nice wooden playground a stone's throw from restaurant. Bigger kids and skaters can let the steam off on the skate ramp.

Zum Wilden Michel - playgrounds

Zum Wilden Michel – playgrounds

Beer vending machine – open non stop

Thirsty for some Bavarian bier, but out of stock and restaurant is closed? Don't worry, you can use a beer vending machine which is open 24/7

Zum den Wilden Michel - beer vending machine

Zum den Wilden Michel – beer vending machine

Zum den Wilden Michel
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Opening times of the Vesperstube

Thursday: 17:00 – 24:00
Friday: 12:00 – 24:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 24:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

Zum den Wilden Michel - Vesperstube
Camperguru ambassador Zdechovan

Ambassador’s Opinion

Original place for music and nature lovers

While a lot of things are still under construction (and I suspect always will be - in a good sense), enthusiastic owner with his team are always there to help and bring the best out of this unusual camping. If you are open minded and true camper, don't miss this spot.

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Be advised

– wifi only at (near) restaurant
– can be loud during events (but thats why are you here, right? 😉
– basic toilets / showers

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