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Top 10 Places to Camp in Europe

We camp most often in a campsite, but as caravans and tents slowly recede from the scene and the number of motorhomes and vans increases dramatically, things are changing. We're discovering places previously unusual for RVs – wineries, farms, marinas, or parking lots on top of a hill or at a historic site. Not all places you can “camp” but if you like exploring, be inspired by the places we found with the Camperguru ambassadors. Check out what might be worth including in your travel itinerary too.

Take a look at Maureen's European story from Mommy Mo Adventures, who traveled from the U.S. to explore Europe. And on her 2-week RV trip from Rome to Paris, she found that the most challenging part of the trip was finding good campgrounds to visit.

For wine in Moravia

Before you head off into the distance, take a look at our favorite places. An amazingly popular one is Stellplatz Velké Bílovice, where winemaker David Mádl has built a beautiful full-service residential park adjacent to the vineyards. The winery follows the natural fermentation method, so the wine has a natural taste and aroma. And it's not only here that you can stay overnight and enjoy a glass of fine wine, other places include the San Marco winery in Mutěnice, where you'll find the most cellars in one village, and the Reisten winery, where you'll be right under the Pálava River.

Aerial view
Stellplatz Velké Bílovice

Industrial Germany

Do you like industrial and urban? In Germany, just over the border from the Netherlands, you'll find free parking at Landschaftspark Duisburg. The Ruhr is Germany's industrial area. The recreational area Landschaftspark Duisburg was built in an iron smelting plant. Parking for motorhomes and caravans is at the end of the car park and the nights tend to be quiet.

Landek Park
Landek Park

The park is similar to the one you will find in Ostrava's Landek Park, where overnight stays also don't cost much and you can enjoy the industrial area too.

Landing in Normandy

Want to walk through history? The French town of Arromanches was a landing zone for Allied troops. Directly from your apartment building, you'll see the remains of these fierce battles in the parking lot of Parking Rue du Calvaire in France. There are still makeshift bridge structures in the surrounding sea. And you can visit one of the great war cemeteries.

Parking Rue de Calvaire

Take a trip to the mountains

Jaizkibel Mountain in northern Spain is in the wild Basque Country on the French-Spanish border. The mountain is 543m high, stretching along the coast and sloping down to the sea. You get a unique view of the Basque Country, the Cantabrian Sea, and the Bay of Txingudi. Even, in clear weather, you can see the more distant Irún, Hodarribia, Hendaye, or the famous Biarritz.

Jaizkibel Mountain
Jaizkibel Mountain

To the farm for freedom

If you're a free thinker and like the hippie style, you'll be delighted here near the pretty Spanish town of Velez-Rubio. The Rec.On Project in Spain's Sierra Nevada mountains is a truly magical place. You can come here for one night and stay for weeks at a time. Evening parties are not uncommon. You'll be recharged and the views of the mountains and the unique climatic conditions are a bonus. Plus, every guest gets free morning coffee and a fresh baguette daily. And a glass of local wine in the evening.

Organic garden
Rec.On Project

Free to enjoy

A different approach to freedom and relaxation can be found at the popular camper park Parking Mikki in Portugal. In the south of the country, in the Algarve region, “Mikki's Place to Stay” – a hippie spot in the countryside full of art – will completely absorb you. The grounds are full of amazing plants, sculptures, and animals all year round. Artists will feel good here, inspiration is everywhere. Plus, there's a natural swimming pool where you can refresh or relax your body.

Parking de Autocaravanas Miki
Parking de Autocaravanas Mikki

Beaches by the ocean

Playa de Punta Candor, in western Spain, is a short walk from the local military base and offshore walking parks. A free caravan park with services just 200m from the beach is for you if you fancy a relaxing few days at the beach. The official city caravan park from Rota, with its water supply, grey water, and chemical spout, is an impeccable retreat. Just expect rather full conditions here in summer.

Camper parking
Playa de Punta Candor

Encountering the elements in the marina

In the heart of the French city, right in the yacht marina of Charleville Mezières, the northernmost city in France, close to the Belgian border. This free spot is very popular. There are only 8 spots, but all of them with a great view of the marina with the yachts. And if it fills up, there is a large green campsite next to it. Nice atmosphere with lots of rowing traffic on the river.

A picturesque old footbridge with lots of bakeries, cafes, and restaurants leads into the old part of town (less than 10 minutes walk). The “chique” Grand Place looks like a replica of the Place des Vosges in Paris and is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike.

Aire de Camping Car Charleville Mezieres
Aire de Camping Car Charleville Mezieres

Just by the water

The municipal camp in Zborovow, Poland, is an interesting spot. If you want to stay longer, you'll need to make arrangements in advance, but one overnight stay is usually free and there's plenty of space on the lawn. This little paradise not far from our northern border acts as a unique transit point between the north and south of Poland. You can sleep on the well-maintained grassy playground, take a dip in the lake, use the clean toilets, sunbathe on the beach or try out the full sports facilities or the huge playground for children. This parking area is a gem better equipped than many campgrounds.

Zborowo, Poland
Aerial view of Camping in Zborowo, Poland

The Croatian bay

The island of Krk is dotted with amazing large family campsites like Istra or Ježevac, but even here you'll find exceptions like the Punta Jerta family campsite on the west side of the island. Here you'll find a real sense of privacy and a quiet cove. No wonder the owner Katarina has the whole summer occupied every year. You'd better book a year in advance, this place is a prize.

Punta Jerta

By Tasha and Tristan • November 2022

Tasha and Tristan are enthusiastic camper travelers, currently journeying in their orange vintage Mercedes van. Natasha, who previously lived in Borneo working for orangutan conservation, brings a minimalist lifestyle to their vanlife. The couple, without a permanent base, take on various projects across Europe, from pet-sitting to house renovation, earning enough for food and petrol. They constantly seek incredible camper stops to share with Camperguru members.

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