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We’re Buying a Caravan

I couldn't resist. I've got ton of information about caravans from YouTube and other sources online. I've drove around my town to see used travel trailers in reality. I've subscribed to printed magazines. I must say, I got hooked quick.

This moment of time was truly remarkable for me. If you would like to enhance your reading experience as well, I recommend to play this song in the background.

After I've convinced my wife and mentioned my buying intention to a few caravan compatible friends it was a blast. People around me truly supported me and I owe them a lot for the long discussions. The guys from a Miton Corporation gave me a ton of inspiration as they also experiment in making their life mean something – by supporting non profit causes such as Kejdom Keku in Cameroon.

Travel & Work Connection

Although the reactions were sometimes a little embarrassing, it made my motivation even stronger. I want to finish this idea and see if it is feasible. I need to see if I'm crazy or if there's something amazing on this path. A connection of exploration travels and working in inspiring environments must work somehow. Price of internet is falling fast, so there are virtually no limits to what the possibilities are.

Caravan Shop Burimex

Burimex – Used Caravan Shop in Western Czech Republic

I feel a little older, being in my early 30s. So I left the idea idle in my head, for a while. not to rush things. Friends know that I was checking caravans on sale almost every day. I've even spend time with previous owners, telling me how great a caravan could be. They even told me that caravan will change my life. I was hesitating to trust them, but it was a positive sign.

Renting or Buying?

I've decided to buy instead of renting and testing everything first. The main reason being that owning the space feels better than having to behave, in a rented trailer. Also, we can put our equipment there once and just leave it there. So the trailer is always ready. And finally, a purchase is way more cost efficient if we do extensive travels as planned.

Analysing Our Life

Same as anyone, who kind of made it to the point, where family is fine, owning a ton of things that made him a slave of them, I started to look in the mirror and analyse the quality of our life. Quality independent of stuff we own. I was searching for the core of life's happiness and and on the way I was getting rid of stuff. Selling, giving it away, trashing it, buying less. All that.

Illustrated Shelf Full of Stuff

Buy my own Illustrated Shelf Full of Stuff on Shutterstock

Our Life's Issues to Challenge

  • There's smog in cities, and there are people locked in their rat race
  • When we live in the city, our brain is in the working mood
  • Kids grow-up fast, we have limited time to spend with them
  • Not enough inspiration while being in the daily routine
  • Less travels, that I love, while focusing on building up careers
  • When kids would go to school, even less travels are likely to happen

Easy Solution

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By Vita • August 2012

Vita, co-founder of Camperguru, and his family traveled around Europe for over a decade. Starting with a caravan trailer and later upgrading to a more maneuverable van, they partially raised their children on the road. Vita is the co-founder of Camperguru and contributes to camping in Europe with his maps and other freebies. He is always willing to help with all things camping.

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