Camper and Camping is great way of Travel

Up for a Challenge? Get a Camper, Travel and Enjoy Life Like Never Before

Living and traveling with a camper is gaining more and more popularity these days. In times when social distancing is on higher demand, motorhome allows you to travel while avoiding crowds. It is an appealing and modern alternative to plane, bus or any other public transport traveling. Camper lifestyle brings together independent traveling with comfort of your home.

Campers are self-contained, fully equipped tiny houses, so you won't have to visit public restrooms and you can cook, eat, wash up and sleep in your own space. Moreover, the camper lifestyle is all about freedom and independence. Travel wherever you want and take the comfort of your privacy and your home with you.

As any other lifestyle, camper also has its benefits and challenges. If you are eager to find out if camper is the right lifestyle for you, you may find the answer in the list below. 

7 + 1 benefits of camper lifestyle

Camper lifestyle is like a hippie dream. You can enjoy pristine views of the wild nature right from your sheets. Camper also allows you to travel independently and you will save a lot of money.


Traveling with a camper allows (and sometimes demands) improvisation. You don't have to plan every part of your journey, just pick up some highlights on a map and then follow your current needs and feelings. Enjoy fully the places that you fall in love and set up your own rules for traveling.

Vanlife brings you flexibility and freedom

Connection with the nature

With your van you will get up to some incredibly beautiful areas that are otherwise hard to reach. Also you will experience a lot of beautiful scenery along the way. Stop on any viewpoint you like and enjoy the magical sunsets and sunrises right from your bed. Traveling with a camper brings you closer to nature and it offers a unique way to connect with the earth and its elements.

Important part of the camper lifestyle is to respect nature and protect the environment. Be an example for your kids and dont leave behind any litter, clean the beach or forest and be mindful about your impact on the spots you are visiting.

Travel low cost

Buying a camper is a big investment, but traveling with it is cheaper than any other ways of traveling. You will save on airfare and other means of transportation, on accommodation and if you cook for yourself you will save also on food. The major expenses for campers are camping fees(but  if you park wild you can save some extra money too), fuel and maintenance.  

Bond with family

If you travel with your family or friends you will get closer to each other. If you have kids, camper will broaden your child's horizons. There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities together, you will meet some new inspiring people and you will experience great adventures together.

Camper lifestyle


As mentioned above, a camper keeps the comfort of a home, while still allowing you to travel freely. In a motorhome you can have everything – bathroom facilities, comfortable matrrace and blankets, and your favorite kitchen equipment. 

Learn to be minimalist

Campers have limited space and along the way you will find out how little you actually need. This is a big life lesson and you can either succeed and enjoy the freedom of clean mind and space or resist and constantly fight with the amounts of unnecessary items you bear and care for. It is a neverending hustle. 

You will fully appreciate this camper lesson when you arrive back home. Your first thoughts will be that you need to minimalism all stuff at home. Camper experience and perspective can then change and lighten your whole life.


Craft the camper to fit best to your dreams and needs. There are many possibilities, campers differ in sizes and equipment and each option has some pros and cons. Find what fits best to yourself.

Freedom and Independent traveling

Find a freedom on the road. With a camper you can feel at home anywhere in the world. Optimal flexibility is combined with freedom, comfort and convenience. You dont have to book accommodation in advance, instead you can enjoy the flow of your feelings and let the adventure show you the way. Elongate your stay in places that you fall in love and then when you want to move along pack yourself in a few minutes and just drive away.

6 biggest challenges of living and traveling in a camper 

Living in motorhomes may look like a dream from the instagram pictures, but when it comes to real life there are of course some struggles that will sooner or later confront you. These are the major challenges that meet up camper digital nomads.

Less space and minimum privacy

Kitchen in the camper is small, the fridge is tiny, and there is limited storage space. If you travel in a couple or with a family or friends you will also have a minimum private space. 

Camper will teach you to be minimalist which is something we all need a little bit more. It will also teach you how to set up your barriers, how to communicate and how to be more introspective. When conflict happens or when you need time alone, there are no doors to close, so you will be forced to find creative solutions and new strategies on how to protect your personal space.

Finding out the balance between work and free time

When you travel as a digital nomad there are many temptations inviting you to avoid time spent on the screen. Beautiful weather, nature calling you to explore and new cities to wander through. You will have to learn how to focus and manage your time.

Freedom for camper lifestyle

Learning how to repair things and solve problems

There are many things that can get broken during the way, both mechanical and casual and you may not want to get to the service with every little issue.

Entertainment during the rainy days

Not everyday is the perfect weather to spend your free time outside and then it will come handy to have some desk games, books, movies or notebook to sketch and write down your adventures.

Limited water supply

Camper will teach you how to save the water, because water tanks are limited and sometimes shower is hard to come by. Your inner environmentalist will be proud of your little consumption. 

Internet issues

Especially if you are a digital nomad you have to think about your connection and internet access. Get yourself a sim card with unlimited data or even a router and plan your stays in camping spots where is strong and stable internet access.

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Current and future trends of remote lifestyle

The business world is turning rapidly toward remoteness. Teleconferencing and telework technology have advanced to the point where some businesses thrive with completely remote teams and more and more companies are getting used to this new work set up. 

The world is changing and the doors to the remote lifestyle are opening widely and freely

And how about you? Are you ready to take your work with you on the road? What is your dream destination?

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