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Camping Les Bois Flottés de Camargue

Night Skies and Luxury Tents: Boutique Campsite Experiences for 2024

Welcome to the world of luxury camping, where luxury meets nature in a stunning and unique way. A boutique camping experience offers an elevated kind of holiday for those who want to immerse themselves in the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort or style. We want to help you discover unique and luxurious camping experiences at boutique campsites! 

What Sets Boutique and Luxury Camping Apart

Boutique campsites offer a unique and luxurious camping experience. These sites often provide stylish accommodations, personalized service, and amenities such as gourmet dining options or spa facilities. Enjoy the beauty of nature while indulging in comfort and relaxation at a boutique campsite.

Breathtaking Locations: Luxury campsites are often found in secluded forests, picturesque meadows, or along pristine coastlines, offering guests the chance to connect with nature while enjoying stunning views.

Luxurious Accommodations: Instead of traditional tents, high-end campsites provide options like bell tents, tipis, or fully furnished cabins designed for comfort and equipped with cozy beds and private terraces. It truly is luxury camping!

Exclusive Amenities: These sites go above and beyond, often with on-site restaurants serving gourmet meals made from locally sourced ingredients, spa services for relaxation after outdoor activities, communal areas for socializing with fellow campers, and even live music performances or yoga classes.

Privacy and Seclusion: With fewer pitches available at these sites compared to crowded campgrounds, you can enjoy a more intimate, stylish camping experience surrounded by nature without feeling overwhelmed by other campers.

Unique Experiences: High-end campsites often organize special events exclusive to their guests' enjoyment during their stay – whether it's guided hikes through nearby trails led by experienced naturalists or wildlife spotting tours.

Now that you have a better understanding of what this camping is all about, let's help you find a boutique campsite for your next camping trip!

Find a Premium Campsite for your next Camping Trip

Discover the Unmatched Luxury of Luxury Camping

When it comes to camping, many people envision roughing it in a basic tent or sleeping bag. However, this camping offers a whole new level of luxury camping and comfort that can transform your outdoor experience. To help you find the perfect campsite for your next camping trip, we have selected some of the best from the Camperguru collection to save you time while searching for your stylish camping experience!

Ohai Resort

Located in Portugal, Ohai Resort has some incredible swimming pools and water features for its guests to enjoy. As well as the normal pitches for campers, the resort mainly focuses on guests' lodging in the fancy stilted glamping tents or the many modern bungalows. These unique luxury outdoor accommodations are what attract those searching for some true luxury camping. With a fantastic restaurant on site, there is also no need to cook for the duration of your holiday here!

Camping Les Bois Flottes de Camargue

This unique campsite opted for nature-inspired lodging with a driftwood theme throughout. It is situated in the salt marshland of Southern France. The huge, landscaped swimming pool is out of this world and everything is super clean and well-kept by the owner and his family. The bar/restaurant is a unique collection of vintage photographs, old cinema publicity and various titbits. This is certainly upscale camping and you will not regreat booking your holiday here!

Country House Tisa

Camping area
Private spot

Country House Tisá

Czechia • Near Děčín, Ústí nad Labem region

Country House Tisa is located roughly one hour from Prague in the Czech Republic. It is the gateway to the romantic region of the Elbe sandstones, where you can visit fantastic rock towns with many bizarre sandstone formations. When getting back from a bike ride, climbing tour, or hiking trail, cool down in a beautiful natural pool or relax your muscles in the wooden outdoor sauna. Bike paths start just across the property and during winter there is a direct access to cross-country skiing trails. Breakfast will also be prepared for you during your upscale camping holiday here.

Zvikov Village Kemp

This modern, family campsite is going for a truly Scandinavian style, including a real Finnish Grillkota for rent that can give anyone the chance for an all-year-round BBQ! The upscale camping site is located in one of the most beautiful areas of southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic, offering you a fantastic retreat surrounded by nature. Recline by the wonderful outdoor pool by day and huddle around the campfire by night and enjoy everything that this high-end camping experience has to offer.

Kampinski Farm Campground

Kampinski Campground and Accommodation is a small farm in Poland, surrounded by fields with lots of trees for privacy and protection. There are chickens and friendly geese, and also a vegetable garden and flower gardens. There is a fireplace, a cozy pergola, hammocks, and some nice quiet places just to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. This outdoor retreat offers a true escape from the stresses of everyday life and it is a fantastic, private camping experience to stay here. 

Niiduveere Outdoor Learning Space

Offering a lovely outdoor space and a garden view, Niiduveere Outdoor Learning Space is set in Viru-Nigula in Estonia, just 48 km from the Ontika Limestone cliff. As well as the few spots for camping, there is also a luxury tent that you can book to stay in, which offers a bar. Guests at this amazing tent can enjoy an à la carte breakfast. Other glamping tents are also seasonally available for those seeking a luxury camping experience!

Wine Estate Helshoven

Wine Estate ‘Helshoven’ is a bit of a quirky wine estate in Belgium combining different elements into one package. A Wine Estate, restaurant, unique accommodations in the form of sleeping pods, ice cream bar, and a camper spot all are here. The winery‘s slogan is ‘We rebel like hell’ and sure they do!  They specialize in sparkling wines, various blends of vines, and original packaging and names. You can organise a tour of the winery and of course, taste the amazing wines.

Stellplatz Buliro Prague

Stellplatz Buliro is not your common stellplatz in Prague. Located in the midst of lush greenery, it is an incredibly safe premium camping experience with great amenities. It is definitely the place to stay when planning a vacation or just passing through Prague. The city centre is easily reached by public transport, a 10 minute walk, or by taxi and for a city visit, it is a really glamorous camping choice.

Camp Punta Jerta

This intimate, eco-friendly campsite in Croatia is surrounded by pine trees, holm oak, olive trees, and a clear sea. The secluded camp of Punta Jerta truly is a hidden gem on Krk Island. It is a small, family-run campsite, where you can enjoy calm evenings and beautiful surroundings. Accommodation is divided into terraced camper pitches as well as mobile homes. The crystal clear sea and pebble beach are accessible from many, easy to reach entry points.

Reisten Winery

Winery Reisten Winery
Reisten Winery
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Respect for nature and careful care of their vineyards are part of the philosophy of Reisten Winery, which is located in the heart of the Pálava region in the Czech Republic. When parking your camper amongst their vineyards, enjoy the surrounding nature, calmness, history and a bottle of wine, of course. This luxury camping experience provides peace and tranquility – a true break from everyday stresses.

If Spain is your dream destination, we can highly recommend the following premium campsites, so you can make a camping tour of the country without sacrificing any luxury!

Wecamp Cala Montgó

Wecamp Cala Montgó awaits travelers seeking tranquility and the authentic charm of the Costa Brava. Situated between l'Escala and Sant Martí d'Empúries, this idyllic site boasts crystal-clear waters, golden sandy beaches, and a vibrant seabed, earning it the prestigious European “Blue Flag” award year after year. It will definitely inject some incredible, luxurious vibes into your posh camping trip!

Wecamp San Sebastian

Wecamp San Sebastian

Wecamp San Sebastian

Spain • Basque country, east of Bilbao

Located in the beautiful surroundings of San Sebastián, where green hills seamlessly meet the blue sea, you'll find a charming retreat called WeCamp San Sebastian. Locally referred to as Donostia, this peaceful spot invites travelers to experience its delightful mix of food, culture, and sports. The staff's welcoming demeanour fosters a sense of camaraderie while addressing every need. The camp's culinary offerings stand out, providing delightful dishes that exceed expectations.

Wecamp Pirineos

Wecamp Pirineos

Wecamp Pirineos

Spain • Close to the National Park of Ordesa, Sierra de Guara

This campsite offers an authentic experience of the Pyrenees, celebrating the region's rich cultural heritage, festivities, and traditions of the Sobrarbe. The campsite's dedicated staff, led by the knowledgeable director Javier, exemplify the essence of hospitality. Reception staff offer insightful advice on places of interest and recommended shops, making every guest feel at home. The campsite also offers rejuvenating activities like yoga, pilates, and “forest baths” guided by Dora, immersing guests in the tranquility of nature.

Wecamp Santa Cristina

This upscale campsite is surrounded by the lush forests of Les Gavarres to the north and iconic Mediterranean coves to the south, this privileged location presents a perfect base for exploration. For nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, the campsite provides access to the renowned Camí de Ronda coastal path, leading to breathtaking coastal views. The campsite's design exudes a cool, modern vibe, and the staff maintains a high standard of cleanliness, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Wecamp Cadaques

WeCamp Cadaques

Wecamp Cadaques

Spain • North of Girona, Catalonia, Mediterranean

The campsite boasts thoughtfully designed accommodations that blend seamlessly with the pristine surroundings, reflecting the local tradition and embracing sustainable living and eco-friendly travel. From clean and tastefully refurbished facilities to a refreshing swimming pool with breathtaking views, every detail is crafted to minimize environmental impact and provide a harmonious experience with nature.

Wecamp Cabo de Gata


Wecamp Cabo de Gata

Spain • Near artsy Rodalquilar town. In the heart of natural park.

This wonderful premium campsite features state-of-the-art bungalows, safari tents and dome-shaped sleeping pods with super comfy mattresses and top-level amenities. Wecamp focuses on sustainability (golf carts, steps, electrical car loading facilities… ) and emphasizes a lot on landscaping. They want the campsite to blend in with the local mountain landscape. There is a cosy restaurant with terrace for coffee in the morning with sea views. The restaurant serves typical Andalusian dishes so you do not need to think about cooking during your luxury holiday here!

Each campsite listed here offers its own unique features that promise to make your upscale camping trip extraordinary – whether you're seeking luxury amenities or secluded natural settings. Ready to book your stay? Just follow the links above for more information about facilities and availability. Happy camping!

How does Boutique Camping differ from Traditional Camping?

Diverse Accommodation Options

These campsites offer an array of unique accommodation options that go beyond traditional tents. From luxurious bell tents to cozy tipis and even fully furnished canvas cabins, there is something for every type of camper, especially those searching for upscale camping. These structures are often beautifully designed with attention to detail, providing a comfortable and stylish space for you to relax in.

Immersion in Nature with Modern Comforts

One of the main benefits of luxury camping is the ability to immerse yourself in nature while still enjoying modern comforts. You will often find that these locations are eco-friendly campsites, so you can enjoy your luxury camping and glamping guilt-free!

Privacy and Seclusion

Many premium campsites offer private pitches or secluded areas within larger sites, allowing you to enjoy peace and tranquility during your stay. This privacy creates a more intimate atmosphere where you can truly unwind and connect with nature.

Tailored Experiences

Premium campsites often go above and beyond by offering unique experiences tailored specifically for their guests. Whether it's yoga classes at sunrise, guided hikes through scenic trails, or live music performances under the stars, these experiences add an extra layer of enjoyment to your camping trip. It is a real treat to discover unique and luxurious camping experiences at premium campsites.

Perfect for Special Occasions

If you're celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, high-end camping provides an unforgettable setting for creating lasting memories with loved ones. Some campsites even offer wedding packages complete with stunning ceremony locations surrounded by natural beauty.

Proximity to Attractions

Many high-end campsites are strategically located near popular attractions such as national parks or picturesque villages. This allows you to easily explore the surrounding area and make the most of your camping trip by taking part in activities like hiking, cycling, or visiting local landmarks.

Personalized Service

Those campsites pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service. The staff are often passionate about creating a memorable experience for their guests and are readily available to assist with any needs or inquiries you may have during your stay.

In summary, boutique camping offers a unique and luxurious way to enjoy the great outdoors. With a range of accommodation options, modern amenities, privacy, and personalized experiences, it's no wonder that more campers are opting for this elevated, glamorous camping experience. So why settle for the ordinary when you can indulge in an extraordinary luxurious camping adventure?

WeCamp Santa Cristina
WeCamp Santa Cristina

Planning Your Luxury Camping Trip

Expert Tips for Finding the Perfect Premium Campsite

When it comes to planning your next camping and glamping experience, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. By taking the time to carefully plan and prepare, you can ensure that you have an unforgettable break in nature.

Packing Essentials

Before embarking on your luxury camping adventure, be sure to make a packing list tailored to the unique accommodations offered at these sites. From luxury tents to tipis, pack comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes for outdoor activities, toiletries, and any specific items recommended by the campsite.

Embracing Nature's Comforts

Premium camping offers a chance to immerse yourself in nature while still enjoying some creature comforts. Take advantage of all that the campsite has to offer – whether it's exploring nearby hiking trails or simply relaxing by a cozy fire pit with fellow campers.

Understanding Costs and Booking Process

It's crucial to understand the cost and booking process for your chosen Camperguru campsite before finalizing your plans. Prices can vary depending on location, amenities offered, and time of year; advanced booking may be required during peak seasons or special events like music festivals.

Researching Amenities and Facilities

Research what amenities are available at your chosen high-end campsite – from communal kitchens equipped with basic utensils and appliances; clean restroom facilities with hot showers; Wi-Fi access; charging stations for electronic devices; recreational areas such as swimming pools or sports courts; on-site restaurants serving delicious meals made from locally sourced ingredients.

Choosing The Perfect Location

Consider what type of environment you prefer – whether it's a serene forest, picturesque beach, or stunning mountain range when choosing the perfect location for your luxury outdoor accommodations.

By carefully considering these factors and planning ahead, you can ensure that your premium camping trip is everything you hoped for and more! So pack your bags, embrace nature's beauty, and get ready for an unforgettable, upscale camping adventure in the great outdoors!

Making the Most of Your Posh Camping Experience

Maximizing Your Luxury Camping Experience

Luxury camping or glamping offers a unique and immersive experience, and there are several ways to make the most of your stay. Here are some expert tips for enhancing your boutique camping adventure:

Embrace the Great Outdoors

Immerse yourself in nature by taking advantage of nearby hiking trails, scenic picnic spots, and breathtaking views. The beauty of the wilderness is one of the main draws of high-end camping.

Enjoy Campsite Amenities

Make use of the various amenities offered at boutique campsites, such as communal fire pits for cozy evenings under the stars or outdoor seating areas for relaxation. Some sites even offer spa services for added luxury.

Try Unique Accommodations

Step outside traditional tent camping and consider staying in a tipi, bell tent, or luxury cabin for an unforgettable experience that adds a touch of glamour to your trip.

Engage with Local Communities

Take time to explore nearby villages or towns to learn about local culture and traditions. Visit markets, attend festivals, and engage in conversations with residents to truly immerse yourself in the area's community spirit.

Respect Nature and Environment

As someone who appreciates being close to nature while premium camping, it's important to minimize your impact on the environment by following Leave No Trace principles – dispose of waste properly, minimize noise pollution, and respect wildlife habitats. 

Capture Unforgettable Memories

Don't forget to bring along a camera or smartphone to capture all those special moments during your camping trip! From stunning sunsets over picturesque landscapes to candid shots around campfires with new friends – these memories will last a lifetime.

By embracing these tips and fully immersing yourself in all that camping has to offer, you can ensure an enjoyable stay filled with unforgettable experiences. So pack your bags now – an extraordinary luxury camping adventure awaits!

By Tasha and Tristan • November 2023

Tasha and Tristan are enthusiastic camper travelers, currently journeying in their orange vintage Mercedes van. Natasha, who previously lived in Borneo working for orangutan conservation, brings a minimalist lifestyle to their vanlife. The couple, without a permanent base, take on various projects across Europe, from pet-sitting to house renovation, earning enough for food and petrol. They constantly seek incredible camper stops to share with Camperguru members.

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