Fuel is going through the roof, but adventurous campers can not be stopped.

Explore magical places you don't know yet with 1 Gas Tank Trip

Discover amazing new places in your backyard. Take the opportunity to explore and enjoy the untouched secrets of camping in your “neighbourhood”. And by neighborhood, we mean neighbouring countries too!

With about 90 litres of fuel, which os an average gas tank for European camper cars, you can get quite far. Actually much further than you have originally thought.

A 1 Gas Tank Trip allows you to reach a magical spot you have not discovered yet (within your country or beyond) and drive back home.

At Camperguru we have selected, from our unique collection of spots, those that are within One Gas Tank reach, not too far, and with unique traits.

Camping Koenigstein
Featured Campsite

Camping Koenigstein

Germany • Close to Koenigstein town

Donaupark Camping Tulln
Featured CampsiteEasy booking

Donaupark Camping Tulln

Austria • by Danube river, Lower Austria

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