Vita's family in Mostar

Croatia in Autumn 2014

First autumn trip. Into Croatia for second time to a great campsite near Split. Three weeks of intermittent windy and sunny weather and short days have different atmosphere than spring.

Camping Split in Stobrec

Our second trip to Croatia with caravan was the first one done in autumn. It brought three major differences. Camps were much less crowded than in summer, when everybody is keen on summer to begins, so they hurry everywhere. The day is much shorter and it takes much fun away. During couple of weeks you realise how weather changes. Wind is stronger and nights are cold. In the future I can imagine my October closer to the equator. The Sun is a real recharger so it would be a pity not take advantage of that.

On the other hand, it was great, that we could sunbathe through the whole and thanks to the fact, that we stopped Camping on a place, where there is almost no rain, tho whole day outside was great – in a T-shirt during the day and in a jumper in the evening. Everything else went smooth as usual, so we mixed work, cooking, walks with shopping and visits to restaurants with great sea views.

Mostar Bridge

One day we Spent in Mostar. We went to see a newly rebuilt bridge, which had been destroyed in recent fights in the area.

Few more shots you can find in travel photos section.

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