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Costa de la Luz

Spain  •  Andalucia

Costa de Luz

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Almost 300 sunny days a year, Spain’s far south-west lives up to its name, the coast of light. Costa de la Luz is located on the Andalusian Atlantic Coast and running from the border of Portugal in Huelva to Tarifa in Cádiz. Kilometers and kilometers of white sand, old walled towns packed with medieval churches, Arabic forts, watchtowers, palaces, bodegas, beach bars…

For more adventurous campers, this is a real paradise, because this coast of south west Spain is not so overdeveloped yet and offers plenty of great camper spots to explore. There are also several top quality nature reserves with a rich variety of wildlife, white villages & towns and many historical sites. Despite its great popularity, the Costa de la Luz still offers true Andalusian flair, tranquility, and stunning natural surroundings.

Unlike the Spanish Mediterranean coast, the Costa de la Luz is practically virgin and little exploited by mass tourism.

The main attraction of the Costa de la Luz are its beaches. Stretching 300 km along the Atlantic coast, the sandy beaches are endless and often very quiet, some of them are even overlooking the African coast. The Costa de la Luz also offers the best conditions for sailing, water sports, surfing and paragliding, thanks to the good wind and the mild climate that allows you to enjoy the sea at any time of the year. Even though off – season overnight parking is tolerated on some beach parking lots, always check for local conditions.

History & Culture – explore white villages and historical sites

Cabo Trafalgar

Cabo Trafalgar

Not just for beach bums. Costa de la Luz has been touched by many civilizations

Many of its localities has a long history, going through the oldest civilizations, (such as Tartessians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans) and continuing with the Muslim domination, the reconquest and the discovery of America. All were historical periods in which these lands were coveted and disputed, due to their strategic location and their exceptional wealth in natural resources.

Vejer de la Frontera

Vejer de la Frontera

White cities such as Vejer de la Frontera or Conil de la Frontera will throw You several centuries back with typical Andalusian atmosphere.

Strong gastronomical tradition – From chiringuitos & beach bars to popular restaurants in Cádiz

If You love good food, You will not be disappointed by Costa de la Luz. Get a fresh tuna at Zahara de los Atunes, enjoy late afternoon drink in one of the Tarifa's b each bars or have some tapa at traditional casa in Cádiz La Viña neighbourgood.

Tarifa surf beach bar

Tarifa beach bar




Spectacular beaches – enjoy one of the best beaches in Spain

Playa de Bolonia – mix of beach life, nature & history

Located within Estrecho Nature Park, this beach on the south-Atlantic coast of Cádiz is blessed with magnificent landscape, which escaped development so typical for other similar places in Spain.

Costa de la Luz

Costa de la Luz – Playa Bolonia

Enjoy local relaxed atmosphere and real ocean beach experience – sun, fine sand, crystal clear water and surrounding mountains – all that you normally think of when dreaming about the sea.

Escape the hustle and stay in Zen Retreat Soul Casas

Just 15 minutes from coast, under historical white town Vejer de La Frontera You will find a zen retreat. Pool, Garden, all the amenities, but most of all – great atmosphere. Space for campers is very limited, so book Soul Casas well in advance.

Soulcasas Vejer de la Frontera

Soul Casas – Vejer de la Frontera

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