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The Very Basic Questions Every Indecisive Future-Camper Asks

Deciding about the nomad lifestyle? Not sure about everything tho? Experiencing fears about schooling, working remotely and having enough money to feel comfortable all the way long? We are bringing you pieces of help and possible options to overcome the worries, with showing the personal story which can work as an inspiration for you to hit the road. As a bonus, we are listing 3 campsites to try out.


Yes, living on the wheels can be (and actually is) fun. It could feel like everything’s just ideal. Truth is, you escape the stereotype but you simply can’t escape from some of the duties, still. 

Especially when it comes to kids. Traveling with kids needs a special focus on fulfilling not only their dreams and desires but also on taking care of the responsibilities they, as children, have. An obvious thing to deal with is education. As you could see, many testimonies, there is no “correct” or “wrong” method or one particular way of “how to do it just the best”. What fits one person, does not have to fit the other. And that’s okay. All stories should work as inspiration. But in the end, you decide.

When deciding about the life on the wheels and thinking about the way your kids will be taught, consider three basic approaches to homeschooling (but there are many more):

  1. Homeschooling as we know it
  2. Unschooling as a more extreme version of homeschooling
  3. Worldschooling as unschooling when traveling

Homeschooling is basically a school-like system providing the kid the best possible alternative of education while being taught by a parent who feels responsible enough for that kind of a teacher job. This method provides several benefits. Families usually set up a structure of a study plan for their kids so everyone is familiar with what’s going to be done and when. They usually plan little exams and tests so they can track the progress better. That style of education is often used by families who travel only a few months a year so they need a proper alternative to their kids’ normal schedule for that period. The only thing you have to do is to get an approval from your kids' school and make sure they pass the verification semestral exams.

Education for campers
Education possibilities for campers

On the other hand, unschooling, which has become quite popular in recent years, is based on… basically not teaching your kids at all. At least in the meaning of traditional education. How is that possible? Long story short: You let your kids ask their questions based on their interests. When they play, when they eat, when they walk in cities or landscapes. No structure. No plan. No certain lessons. Just “school of life”. This method is based on the presumption that every kid can get education as they go along. By asking and being provided correct answers. By actually seeing things. By hearing things. By experiencing. Although this method can sound very nice for some, it is not allowed everywhere. For example we, the Czechs, have to wait. Czechia does not allow this type of education. Yet.

Worldschooling is similar to unschooling with the requirement of traveling. Those choosing this type of education for their kids on the way believe that the best way to truly educate is to explore, travel and interact with the world around us and by that mean to get information on their own. Many families believe that this is the best way of enhancing the education of our younger generation. Worldschooling is not allowed everywhere. If you are a citizen of France, UK or Austria who wants this method, you are lucky, those countries accept it. If you come from Czechia, you must wait; it is not possible at this point of time.

And yeah, you guess right, it can become really challenging to keep your kids focused if they are not in the strict school environment. The fact is, families can choose a more free approach and adjust the lesson to the current location (super nice place? Close the books then.) and weather (ugly and rainy? Open the books.). To stick with a precise schedule is easier but most often it works 100% just theoretically. Advantage of this lifestyle is the ability to have a “school day” on Saturdays or Sundays in case you desire to skip the planned lessons any (sunny with such a view) day. A fun afternoon at the beach or yummy local ice cream can work as a reward after a long day of focusing. 

It is more or less up to each family (and country they come from) to decide about the way their kids will be taught. And that is great. In the end, who knows kids more than their own parents? 

Freedom and Money

Next issue people planning to move their life on the wheels will surely discuss is the topic of financial resources. Adventure feeds the soul but a physical body needs to eat too. Where to get the money while traveling and not having the ability to work the “normal” style? Don’t worry. Not only time but also a covid-19 pandemic has brought great shifting to remote style of jobs so the variety of remote jobs possible on your ways is huge. Just for info, we are listing some of those most often remote “camper/van-friendly” jobs that you can do on-line and more or less anywhere:

  • Digital marketer
  • Writer, Copywriter, Editor
  • Photographer, Graphic designer
  • IT specialist, Web developer
  • Project manager
  • Language teacher
  • Influencer

If you haven’t found your job that you are qualified for and you are not willing to change the field, why not to try asking your current employer about the remote possibilities for your position? 

The challenge for your nomad lifestyle is to keep your work and personal life balanced. It could be extremely hard to focus on work (same as on lessons for your kids) while passing a range of nice views. But nobody says you have to work from 9am to 5pm and miss out on the beauty that has been one of the reasons you decided for this lifestyle. No. You can simply adjust your day schedule to your family travel plan. And go with the flow. Too tired of working that day? Many breath-taking things to see that day? Just go explore, you can work late afternoon and night. It’s all about the person’s ability to adjust to the current situation and environment and becoming kind of a happy hippie. Don’t let the work steal off the experienced beauty.

Our story

As you can see from the very personal story, the path to the dreamed lifestyle can be very complicated and definitely not easy. It’s not all just smiles and an easy process. It could be called a hard bumpy ride. Especially when it comes to money, the path can be very challenging. You have to give up a certain level of comfort and security… only to gain it back with the new lifestyle that rewards you afterwards. As you can see in the example of the family, everything is possible, if you “only” have a strong will, determination and you set your goals high… and basically you never stop dreaming. And pursuing the dreams. Just like one famous sitcom phrase says, “I love our story, sure, it’s messy but it’s the story that got us here.” 

You can get inspired by many personal stories. One of the Camperguru founder's family bought an old and used cheap caravan to see whether their expectations and ideas about travelling by that means of transport would have met the reality. It was something like a “technical tryout” which later graduated into many weeks' stay. It became an obsession. And a kind of a pleasing escape from the cloudy and cold snowy months. Although everything has its cost (losing personal touch with the extended family, friends or classmates for many months, missing home from time to time etc.) they wouldn’t have done it any other way. 

Everyday life in camper
Everyday life in camper

What about giving it a try? Vita’s family can inspire you – start with a few days, weeks and maybe it will turn out to be months. You can always “give up” if that van life is not for you and… go home. And that’s okay (but that doesn’t happen very often). It’s all about finding where our comfort is. Where your dream is. Where your desire is. Which life you want to live and what kinds of experience and memories you want to give to your loved ones.

Digital nomad challenges

The lifestyle on the wheels gives you so much. So many reasons to hit the road. So many outstanding views and experiences. Quality time with your co-passengers. But it’s not always all sunny and amazing. One has to deal with many challenges and obstacles connected to the digital nomadism. Can’t think of any right now? Trust the people who have travelled many places. You’ll soon learn that it takes a certain amount of determination to live the happiest van/camper life. So what are the usual challenges you need to get ready for?


It’s essential to be disciplined and strong willed when we talk about working on the ways. It’s easy to take each drive as a holiday and make nice stops every now and then, enjoy the long days at the beach or climbing the hills, tasting all that the location has to offer. One has to remember that it is “life” on the way, so it also includes a feature of working. Not only having fun. The key is to have it ALL balanced.


Not becoming a workaholic and loading yourself up the work can be kind of a challenge too. Some travelers tend to work more so they miss out on their family life and time for exploring the wonders that make the journey beautiful. Those who spend way too much time working, should make a schedule and stick to it. Or set an exact amount of (maximum) work hours and don’t exceed it. If you desire to enjoy a day with your closest ones, just do it. You can work later, or early in the morning. Don’t work way too much, life is to be lived.


Problems will arise. They surely will. And your duty is to be prepared for them. What kinds of issues are we referring to? Take a look:

  • Lack of money caused by many factors – maybe by the lack of discipline?
  • No proper place for overnight stays while being on the road for ages
  • Cabin fever is also one of the risks when spending so much time with the same people in the limited place
  • Feelings like you want to give up can appear, especially in the beginning
  • Feelings of tiredness can pop up, don’t worry, it’s going to be okay soon
  • You or your kids missing home, friends and extended family 
  • Low ability to maintain all spheres of life 
  • Technical problems on the way – a broken engine, a flat wheel, broken Sat Nav, lost signal, low phone service 
  • And many more “fun things”

Although things can get hard from time to time, if traveling on the wheels has been your life-long desire, potential troubles shouldn’t make you scared to hit the road really. These should just make you more prepared. Try it. Step out of your comfort zone and… just be happy and live the life you’ll remember. 

Not sure where to start? Need help when it comes to campsites? Check these three suitable places we recommend:

1)  Camping La Bella Vista, Spain

Do you want to experience the beautiful Spanish life? You are on a good address here. Camping La Bella Vista in Manilva is thanks to its location right on the beach a Heaven on Earth. Imagine waking up every morning with the stunning view that this place offers, going for a light jog or run along the sea and enjoying your breakfast right here. We are sure that working here would give you new breakthrough ideas. Camping provides all necessary services connected to a comfortable stay – a minimarket, children’s playground, outdoor pools, restaurant and of course the laundry and washroom facilities. When you are done working, use this location for a visit of the fishing village Castillo de la Duquesa by only 10 min walking from the campsite.

2)  Family Camping Resort Polidor, Croatia

Do you prefer family-like atmosphere to massiveness? Small places to big ones? Cozy to famous? Great then. You found what you needed. Family Camping Resort Polidor on the Istria peninsula, near famous Poreč, gives you a great opportunity to explore this area that has a lot to offer. Its location is not right on the beach but we are sure you will appreciate the distance off the sea during the cold month. Not planning to stay over the winter months? You have not met the local friendly staff yet. You also don’t have to worry about your kids being bored here, there is a lot to do for them in this safe place. If they are done with lessons, they can use the playground in the area, swim in the outdoor pool or go to the kids club so you will have enough time to focus on your work. When having a family day, just rent a bike in local rental and go exploring Vrsar or Limski kanal (with a surprise for kids –a hidden pirate cave).

Polidor Family Camping Resort
Featured Campsite

Family Camping Resort Polidor

Croatia • Istria peninsula, near Poreč

3)  Prague Camp, Czech Republic

Thinking of camping in the heart of Europe? Go camping in the capital of the Czech republic. This camp is located in Císařská louka, just 1 km from the very center but don’t worry, even in the capital, the calm and quiet can be found. Accommodate yourself just a few meters from the longest river within the Czech Republic – Vltava. Use the advantageously unique location and get to know the city a bit more – go through the Old Prague, visit many historical buildings and see many places that took a significant part in the history of the Czech nation. Not only history to see there but also a modern and multicultural hipster atmosphere is very dominant in many places of Prague. Sure, there is no sea or sandy beaches, but the atmosphere of Prague will make you go for that place over and over again.

Prague Camp
Featured Campsite

Prague Camp

Czechia • Cisarska louka, Prague city center

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