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Workation - digital nomad working from a van

How to Conquer Workation and Remote Work as a Digital Nomad

Remote work is defined as any task that can be completed in any location. It is a location independent work and it is mostly done online. While a few years ago remote work was a perk that some companies offered as a special benefit, nowadays it becomes a new norm for many businesses. 

The difference between traditional office and remote work is that remote enables you to work from anywhere any anytime. And this expresses so much more than simply working outside of your company's office. Is it going to be a desk in your bedroom? Quiet corner in a local cafe? Inspiring coworking space? Deckchair on a tropical beach? Or just any place in the world where you just parked your camper? You name it. Everything is possible.

digital nomads in camper

What are the benefits and challenges of working remotely?

  • You can create a more flexible lifestyle and set up your own rules but be ready that transfers and moving may affect your routine and workflow. You will have to get to know your needs and addapt to different conditions. However, a remote lifestyle offers a personalized space to work in a flow with your own creativity and productivity. Get free and find yourself the most inspiring setting. How does traveling the world while working at the same time sound to you?
  • Your personal life and development will be inspired and enriched by many new places, situations and people you meet along the way while you will still build your career. Despite there will be many new impulses, you may miss your family and friends. Relationships back home may suffer from the separation, but it can also give you much needed distance to find yourself outside of your bubble.
  • You will save time that you will otherwise spend by commuting every day to the office. Instead you can enjoy exploring the unknown cities and natural gems in the area. Remote lifestyle demands a minimalistic approach and you will have to have less things than you are used to. Think about it before you hit the road. For example large items like bicycle, skateboard or quitar needs to be considered.
  • Remote work is a win-win concept. When there is no need to rent an office, employers save money and employees gain new horizon of freedom. On the other hand remote work requieres higher level of communication and responsibility. 

Different remote work lifestyles: examples how can remote work look like

In the field of remote work everyone has an individual approach. It is a playground for adults, an area where you can realize your lifestyle dreams. Get inspired in this list of most common types of remote work styles. Combinations and your own flavours are allowed .

Digital nomads in camper

Coworking space 

A place where people come to work independently on different projects (or in the groups on the same projects), but they aren't usually working for the same company. Coworking space offers the same amenities like a traditional office (high speed internet, technology facilities…), but as an extra adds a great portion of flexibility – in  coworking you don't need to sign up for any long term lease. 

It is an inspiring communal place where focus and productivity are in the air. Coworking spaces tend to be very motivating (in a room filled with driven people it is harder to procrastinate) and you will build up your social and professional network and feel the grounding sense of community. 


The meaning of workation is a working vacation. Combining work and vacation means that you are working remotely while being away from an office – you take vacations from the office, but not from the work itself. Taking workation gives you a chance to change the scenery for a while and leave your daily stereotypes without losing the precious vacation days. 

You can enjoy new places and taste a remote lifestyle without direct commitment to a full time remote. Workation is perfect for remote beginners. You will get time to travel for longer than a regular holiday while still earning money.

Wandering for some ideas how it can be done?

  • Add an additional week of workation to your holidays. You will gain more time to enjoy the area during the evenings and weekends while saving the days off.
  • Arrange workation visit to family members or friends living abroad or far away. 
  • And if you want to try something extraordinary, how does a month of workation spent in exotic oversea destinations sound to you?
digital nomads workation

Living abroad and working from a home base

Many digital nomads work from home-office while living abroad. Slow travel is a great opportunity to get to know the place better and home office gives you the comfort of the familiar environment. For a longer period of time you can get discounts on Airbnb or you can rent an apartment (search for them on local facebook pages). Another popular lifestyle solution for modern digital nomads is a camper


Co-living is sharing both of the accommodation and working space with other digital nomads. It is used by digital nomads who prefer work oriented environment rather then hostel. It is also often used for a team buildings. Co-livings are usually settled in inspiring urban areas or in beautiful nature. The idea is that you work from a place that offers nice opportunities also for your free time. Co-livings have atmosphere of a home and are designed for remote workers. It is an ideal place to meet another remote professionals and to expand your network of contacts.

Camper digital nomad 

Living, traveling and working from a camper is a popular lifestyle approach of modern digital nomads. You can adjust the camper to your needs and therefore create the best environment for you to concentrate on your work and to enjoy life on the road. Internet issues can be solved with a router, local simcart and favorable tarif for mobile data or simply by camping in the campsites with high speed and stable internet access.

Camper gives you the freedom to travel freely and independently while still having the comfort of your home. 

Digital nomads in camper

How can digital nomad live, travel and work?

Varieties of digital nomads are as vast topic as traveling itself. There is a huge space for customization and individual approach. Being a digital nomad is a lifestyle choice and the way digital nomads travel and live reflects their attitudes and values.


Traveling in a camper will give you the one thing that other ways of traveling miss in the core of their meaning comfort of your home. Camper is a tiny house that you can take  everywhere with you and that is something that attracts more and more digital nomads these days. You have your own bed and desk, but it is super flexible and you will have the opportunity to change the environment anytime you desire. Campers offer a great portion of freedom to your travels, but it doesn't have to be as hippie as you may imagine. If you like to enjoy a hot shower every evening and you need to have a stable internet acces to have peace of mind, just visit the campsites and you won't miss a thing.

Camper is an ideal choice for many digital nomads. These are the reasons why:

  • Transportation issue is solved. You don't need to search for complicated bus and train connections. You don't have to pay for a taxi. With a camper you simply live on the road. 
  • Accommodation issue is solved. In a camper you have your own bed and all the comfort you desire. The space is limited, but it is a challenge that also teaches us a lot. 
  • Eating issue is solved. Camper is a full equipped tiny house where you can also cook for yourself. Like that you can enjoy your fresh morning coffee with beautiful views, cold beer with a sunset and cook a quick dinner right after you come back from a day trip. With your own kitchen you save loads of money on the road.

The initial price of a camper is a big investment, but since then your remote lifestyle will be very efficient. You can also first try renting a camper via Campiri, Indie Campers or Yescapa for example, so you will give yourself a change to find out if this is the right option for you.

Airbnb and rentals

Airbnb is another favorite choice among digital nomads. It gives you more space than a crowded hostel and it feels more cozy than a traditional hotel. It is also an amazing way to dive into local culture and authentic living. Unlike hotels, Airbnb and rental often have a kitchen, so if you are cooking you will save on food. Many airbnb providers offer discounts for longer stays. If you are planning to stay in one area, check also the Facebook groups for rentals. There you may find listings otherwise hard to reach for foreigners.


Traveling light, only with a backpack gives you a great portion of freedom. You can visit more remote areas and move more freely around, because you don't have many things to worry about. When you carry everything you need in a single bag you are so light and free.

Backpackers often gather in hostels – low cost shared accommodations, that typically have dormitory-style sleeping arrangements. Hostels are popular among single digital nomads as they serve as a social hub where you can meet a lot of different people in a shared lounge. Hostel is an inexpensive way of traveling and living.

However backpacking is fitting more to the gap year or short and intensive travels. When you need to work on your way, you tend to choose more comfort and stability. Constant packing and unpacking can easily become a burden and you may lose the desired concentration for your work. 


Co-living is a concept combining living and working aspects of digital nomads life. The place of co-living apartments or villas is usually carefully picked up and designed by local members of the digital nomads community. In co-living you will meet other digital nomads and you will get great environment conditions for your work.


Nomads usually don't live in hotels. There is generally no kitchen and the atmosphere is very synonymous. However some people traveling for business enjoy that the simple environment helps them to focus on important work duties and meet-ups. Otherwise hotels are used just for a short time.


Another great way to travel and work from an inspiring natural environment.

Are you excited about the remote work possibilities and you want to find more inspiration? Check out the List of the best Workation destination and plan wildly your next adventure.

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By Anna Mullerova • July 2021

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