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Farms & Wineries camper spots to discover

Farms and Wineries: Camper Places to Discover

Bored of traditional campsites? Try farms and wineries for campers. Travelling with a campervan is fun and great and most of the time you’ll be happy for choosing that means of transport and lifestyle in one. But from time to time one can get tired of the same “normal” places and same old views from a temporary “home” and that is totally okay. Let’s break away from the everyday stereotype by going to the new amazing places. We are bringing you a few tips to see and we are sure that you’ll appreciate them especially if you are a lover of these features: Nature. Farms. Wine. Local food. Is that you? Great, feel free to get inspired.

Break the stereotype for 24 hours

Human being tend to be lazy sometimes. And you know what? It is totally fine. One doesn’t have to work all day every day with only relax time when sleeping. Life is meant to be lived. Enjoyed. Fulfilled. Experienced. Give yourself a break from everyday routine and experience a nice day. Where? On the farms, wineries and other private spots that have a lot to offer to people living on the wheels. It is an amazing way of getting to know the country (and the area specifically) more and better. Some say that the best way to learn something about the place is through the food and wine. In these areas you’ll get to taste the local wine from the topical wineries, farmer’s products such as sausages, cheese or great jams. All that from the local people that you support by that and with the stunning view of the landscape. This cooperation works on a basis (mostly) of purchasing a special membership for each country and a stay of length 24 hours.

wine tasting

How does it work? Where can I find the wineries suitable for campers? Don’t worry, we know that your time is valued, therefore we summarized up the very basic things you might need to know.

  1. Choose a country you’d like to get this experience in
  2. Learn whether the place fits your requirements
  3. Check the prices of the membership
  4. Check the local rules and advice
  5. Get more info in apps of listed networks
  6. Go enjoy

Possibilities throughout Europe

At this point, we can recommend some of the European countries. Let’s see if there’s your dream spot on the list we bring:

  • France
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Portugal

Have you found your destination yet? Cool. Let’s check what the country you look for offers.


The idea of traveling the country while getting to know it a little bit more with local food and other products was born 30 years ago in France. They were lacking a network of winegrowers offering a free parking lot while showing them the treasures of their area. They established a network called “France Passion” now offering 2000 places which is the most amongst the other countries.. With them being the very founders, you should not miss french wineries. They also offer a useful app for better comfort.

Name: France Passion
Independent camper and exceptionally heartfelt approach.
Price: €30


These two networks offer 180 and 400 places to stay for free all over Austria except for Tyrol.

Name: Schau Aufs Land, Bauernleben Österreich
Requirements: On the contrary of other places, tents or even not fully-independent campers are allowed here as there are many places with facilities too.
Price: €35


More than 1000 places close to farms, breweries, beekeepers etc. On the contrary to other places, you are not expected to buy anything. App available. 

Name: Landvergnugen
Requirements: Independent camper.
Price: €35


Two available networks. 

With Greenstop24 – accommodation possible on farms or in the area of a restaurant. No app available but a lucid document. Membership offers many benefits and discounts.

With Agricamper – accommodation in many rural or mountain areas. App available.

Name: Greenstop24, Agricamper
Requirements: Independent camper.
Price: €30 and €29


Place with a small number of places (80) but with much to offer – dairies and bakeries etc.

Name: SwedeStops
Requirements: Independent camper. 
Price: €39


A small network of 24hours-stay-places with a few hosts in only some areas of Switzerland.

Name: Swissterroir
Requirements: Independent camper. 
Price: €35


Network offering 300 spots to overnight. App available.

Name: Pinrip
Requirements: Independent camper, in some places are not-fully-independent campers welcomed too (usage of facilities possible for a fee).
Price: €53

Great Britain and Ireland

This net offers over 1000 places to stay close to small pubs or farms and wineries.

Name: Britstop
Requirements: Independent camper. 
Price: €36


One of the smaller networks, still has much to offer – delicate spanish wineries and farms etc.

Name: España Discovery
Requirements: Independent camper. 
Price: €23


“An entrance card” is not a membership but a basket full of art pieces, cheese, wine, olive oil and honey selection.

Name: Easy Camp
Requirements: Independent camper. On the contrary to the previous ones, there is no universal membership, you need to buy a special welcome pack in each place.
Price: Varies. You can find €15 or almost €50 too. Choose is up to you.

Other ways to get inspired

Get inspired on our website – just choose from the filter whatever is important for you when relaxing and don’t be afraid to choose all the possible ways to taste, feel and explore new fancy areas having so much to offer. 

If we can recommend, go also try these 3 places in Spain that quarant to amaze you:

For more info, you can go check the organisation that unites possibilities for campers in rural areas and therefore support the local growers and farmers: You will try very tasty beer, farm shops with a friendly welcome.

It would be a sin, not to try out some of these options, are we right?

Don’t forget to get inspired with many articles about campers and this adventurous lifestyle:

By Kate • June 2021

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