Discover the Beauties of Autumn – Unique Vacation Tips for Camper Lovers

End of the summer doesn't signify the end of the season for travelers. On the contrary, you can still enjoy beautiful weather, there are less tourists even on popular destinations, prices drop down and the atmosphere of the visited locations is much more authentic. Take the opportunity and hit the road. The best autumn camper destinations are waiting for you.

This little camper guide will take you around the best European vineyards, into some out of beaten path places where to enjoy autumn nature, through three European bursting cities with camp spots right in the centre and also to some sunny beaches where the summer still goes on.

Choose the itinerary and get ready for another ride. 

Visit European renowned wine regions and enjoy wine tasting

Autumn is a wine season and Europe is filled with world-class vineyards. Visit local wineries in your favorite region and enjoy the fresh wine of the year. France, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Portugal are some of the most popular wine countries in Europe and we have found the best campsites for you to have a comfortable and unforgettable base for your wine tasting trips. Wine regions are one of the best autumn camper destinations.

best autumn camper destinations
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Get ready. The autumn wine journey begins right now. Let's find where your new favorite grapes grow.

Portugal: Alentejo and Douro

Alentejo in Portugal has emblematic wines for the region and during November Festa da Vinha e do Vinho (festival of the vine and of wine) takes place in the city of Borba. Visit Camping Serro da Bica near the town of Ourique and enjoy the tranquility of the oak and olive forest and proximity to local wineries. 

Another popular wine area in Portugal is around the river Douro in the north where table and porto wine are produced. If you enjoy port wine, give yourself a gift and visit the city of Porto. There are many little wine shops and wineries where you can get a bottle of port wine from the year you were born and sample many brands of this famous dessert wine. 

France: Bordeaux and Champagne

Most popular wine regions in France are Bordeaux and Champagne. Free Campsite Château Marquis de Vauban is located just 50 km outside of Bordeaux, where it is hard to find a spot for a camper. At Vignobles Le Cône de Vauban you can literally park between vineyards. Enjoy wine tastings right from the doors of your mobile home and feel like a wine royal sampler.

Czech Republic: South Moravia little wineries

In Czech Republic wine is produced mainly in Southern Moravia and the most popular regions are Znojmo, Mikulov and Velke Pavlovice. At Camperguru campsite Park ‘n’ wine you can park right in the grounds of the award winning winery, so wine tasting and exploring the wine production facilities will be a totally easy and pleasant experience. Enjoy the opportunity to feel at the vineyard like at home. 

Winery and campers
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Stellplatz Velké Bílovice

Czechia • South Moravia, Velké Bílovice

Enjoy pristine nature and the beauty of colorful autumn

best autumn camper destinations
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Autumn is the perfect time of the year for hiking, cycling, surfing and mountain climbing. The summer heat is over, the weather is mild and pleasant, days are still long and nature is free from tourist crowds. Do you want to enjoy some adrenalin before the snow falls all over Europe? Let your imagination free, dream high and collect some inspiration for your autumn adventurous trip. Our redaction put together a selection of the best autumn camper destinations and camping spots designed for nature enthusiasts who know how to appreciate hidden natural gems. Choose the one that speaks to your wild heart.

River sports,cycling and hiking in The Soča Valley in Slovenia

The Soča valley and the Camp Gabrje in Slovenia is an amazing camping area for sport enthusiasts. There you can enjoy water sports like rafting and kayaking and explore the hiking, cycling and climbing routes in the surrounding Julian Alps. It is a convenient starting point for many daily trips and the surrounding nature is just a spectacle. 

Kemp Gabrlje
Featured Campsite

Camp Gabrje

Slovenia • Soča Valley, left bank of river Soča

Hiking and cycling in one of the most beautiful hiking areas in the Alps – Nockberge national park in Austria

Camping Brunner am See in Austria is located directly at the lake, surrounded by the mountains. The area offers stunning hiking and cycling routes. Fill your heart with peace and tranquility and enjoy the autumn chill out vibes by the lake Döbriach.

Kiting and surfing near windy Tarifa in Andalucía, Spain

Do you wish to try kitesurfing? Visit Tarifa in the South of Spain, where wind blows almost every day of the year, but during the autumn, the beaches are empty and you can train with all the luxury conditions. Campsite Coffee Bar las Dunas is located at a famous surfing and kitesurfing spot and it sits right on the beach – ideal base for surfing vacation. 

Way to the beach
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Cafe-Bar Las Dunas

Spain • Los Caños de Meca, Cabo de Trafalgar

Pristine nature of the lake Peruca, Croatia

Camping Peruca lies by the shores of crystal clear water of the lake Peruca in the heart of the Dalmatian Zagora and it is another perfect spot for nature lovers. There you can relax and feel the tranquility and peace of nature and the other day enjoy activities like stand up paddle, kayak, hiking, or mountain biking. Everything near and accessible.

Wandering around romantic landscape of Elbe sandstones, Czech Republic

Sandstone rock towns of Tisá are creating landscapes that will make you feel like you just fell right into the fairytale. Enjoy the endless forest walks, charming viewpoints and convenient proximity to two magical cities, Dresden and Prague (both are about an hour of a drive). Stay in tranquility near unique sandstone rock towns in Country House Tisá. Enjoy the views and breathe in the beauty of the colorful and melancholic czech autumn.

Camping area
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Country House Tisá

Czechia • Near Děčín, Ústí nad Labem region

Camp in the capital city, next to the historical monuments

Autumn weather is favorable for long walks in old cities. Enjoy the visits around European capitals with your camper. You will save for accommodation and have great possibilities to extend your trip to other nearby monuments and natural wonders of your selected dream country. European cities are another chapter of the best autumn camper destinations.

Camp in the centre of charming Prague and detour the Czech Republic

Prague has a magical historical centre, where you can wander through narrow and crooked cobbled streets and find hidden fairytale houses from different epochas. It is called “City of Houdret Spires” for a reason. Don't forget to visit the Old Town Square with astrological clock, Prague Castle and treasures of Saint Vitus Cathedral, viewpoint and old castle at Vyšehrad, beautiful park of Letná and Petřín and stroll across the Charles Bridge to the Lesser Town.

Prague is a camper friendly city where Camperguru has found not just one, but already four special camping spots. Choose the one, fitting best to your needs. Prague Camp stands on one of the Prague islands and it is located a walking distance from the city centre. Kemp Dana is also centrally located, it is right next to the famous Prague Zoological and Botanical garden and through the public park Stromovka which follows up the campsite you can get to the hipster urban area called Letná.

The other two camp spots are a bit outside of the center, but still conveniently accessible to the city centre. Camping Praha Klanovice is perfect for those searching for a vacation setting with amenities like swimming pool and tennis courts. Buliro Prague offers a great privacy and nature environment. 

After fully enjoying the Prague wonders, move to the South Moravian region, which is famous for production of superb wines. If you want to continue flowing in the mood of charming cities, we recommend you visit Český Krumlov, Kutná Hora, or Olomouc.

Photo by William Zhang,

Enjoy the summer-like weather in magical Sevilla and explore Andalucia

Sevilla is a temperamental Spanish city, capital of the Andalucia region, where flamenco dancers decorate the streets and people know how to have fun. The temperature in Seville is the highest for all of Spain and autumn months are actually perfect timing if you want to enjoy some warm and sunny afternoons. Camp in Marina Gelves right on the breakwater between the dock and river Guadalquivir and enjoy views to both sides of the city.

In Sevilla, there are plenty of charming monuments to see. The most significant is the Moorish palace and fabulous gardens of Alcazar, massive Catedral with the tomb of Christopher Colombus, picturesque Plaza de España and modern wooden alien observation desk Setas de Sevilla.

While visiting Sevilla, make a trip to Andalusian typical white villages, detour to the coast and take advantage to visit other cities in the region like Cádiz, Granada, Cordoba and Malaga. 

Camp in Zagreb and enjoy the country's majestic natural diversity

Zagreb was for centuries the meeting point of Central Europe, the Mediterranean and Southeast Europe. It is the city where cultures mixed and created something unique. Even though Zagreb is not as famous as the capital like Paris or Rome, it undoubtedly has its special charm. Enjoy the intriguing cityscape, admire the colourful roof of St Mark’s Church and majestic Zagreb Cathedral. 

Camp Zagreb is perfect for visiting the city centre, but also for enjoying peaceful nature. Ideal spot for nature lovers who still want a city nearby. Zagreb is not that far from the famous Plitvice Lakes, so be sure to visit this natural wonder. Croatia is famous for its amazing sea shore, diverse kinds of beaches, and hundreds of little islands. Take advantage of your camper and visit some remote areas on the seashore.

Extend your summer and enjoy the extra vacation time

Autumn is a beautiful part of the year and there are plenty of vacation possibilities. If you already miss the touch of the summer sun, head to the South of Europe. On the sands of Greece, Italy and Spain, there will still be some beautiful days of warm weather and you can find there some of the best autumn camper destinations. Be sure that the famous coastlines are already free from the crowds, so you can feel there like on a secluded private beach. 

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Which Camperguru autumn tip is your favorite? Do you know any other special camping spots around Europe? Tell us in the comment section below. We highly appreciate your thoughts and ideas. Camper community is like universe we build together. Have fun on the wheels and see you on the road! 

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