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Camper Travel Insurance

Get Your Travel Insurance Now: Don’t Let Anything Destroy Your Happiness on the Road

Travel insurance is not just another t-shirt. It is not anything you don’t have to consider taking. Why should we always take out insurance, wherever we are heading somewhere? And what are the common options? Read further, we are bringing you pretty useful tips.

Travel insurance: Your friend in need

We all know the saying “In times of need you’ll find a friend”. This is exactly the case. Meet your friend who’ll help you whenever you are experiencing hardships: The travel insurance(hereinafter referred to as insurance).

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a well-known card entitling you to free or discounted medical treatment in EU countries (and Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland too). It is probable that in months after Brexit, this card will be replaced by the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). Don’t worry, you don’t need to replace it since it is still valid. But if you apply for a new one (which is something you have to do anyway to get the card as you don’t get it automatically), you’ll ask for this new type.

Important thing to remember Nr. 1: Most often, you are covered only with “standard” that a particular EU country provides. Do not rely on high-level help and the health care system you have in your mother country.

Benefits of travel insurance

You should take out the insurance anytime you are leaving your country. Why? Reasons are very clear: in case of emergency, the situation will not worsen more, starting with an ugly need of finding the medical facility and ending with a disastrous debt you’ll find yourself in.  

  • What is definitely a great thing when it comes to insurance is the fact that you can take it out on-line in a few mins. It is not necessary to spend time on the road to your local insurance company, everything is set comfortably from your home.
  • Covers you when e.g. travelling or working abroad. This issue won’t worry you during that time and you can focus on what’s really important knowing you are secured.
  • It is not only about health insurance. Most likely the company offers 24hours assistance and much more. In case of emergency, call them very soon, they will tell you your options for free and therefore prevent you from taking the first but the most disadvantageous option.
  • You can take some extras to your insurance and have your things secured (in case of damage or loss etc.).
  • Insurance does not have to be an expensive matter.

Important thing to remember Nr. 2: Travel health insurance does not apply to personal possessions. For those purposes, go ahead and take out the proper insurance type.

Travel insurance offers assistance 24/7
Travel insurance offers assistance 24/7

Short or long? Decide what insurance fits you the best 

Short-term insurance

Short-term insurance is great for those travellers who don’t actually live their whole life on the road. Those who travel a few weeks or only a few days a year in a row might find this type of insurance useful. Maximum length is, usually, 29-30 days, with a possibility of renewal.

Why is this type perfect for those mentioned? It covers your ways for a shorter amount of time, it is usually cheaper because you only pay for certain days or week(s) in a row. Do you plan to travel a week in winter and another week in summer? Why would you take out long-term insurance if this type costs you less? Prices are very friendly, starting with a nice few Euros a day.

Long-term insurance

Long-term insurance is recommended for those living permanently on the road or taking breaks from their homeland very often. This type of insurance protects you usually up to 12 months, with possible renewal, of course.

Are you a year-long-lover of travelling? Are you escaping your homeland for short breaks very often? Are you a lover of exciting activities of all kinds abroad? Are you a camper(van)-freak or digital nomad living most of the year abroad? This type is exactly what you need to protect yourself from the worries connected to your ways. 

For the best match, learn something about insurance of the countries you are planning to visit. In each case it should be possible to take out insurance for any length you want. Only difference is that long-term insurance usually pays off for repeated ways, in comparison to many short-term insurance take-outs during a certain period of time. 

As an example, the following situation can work: You travel four times a year for a month. If you calculate, more likely you’ll learn that instead of four take-outs for a month it may be beneficial for you to take out a year-long insurance. Plus you have no worries and stress connected to that matter, this insurance is just valid all year long and you can freely enjoy your plans. Price is also dependent on many factors such as: age, health condition, planned activities, destinations etc.

In all cases, be aware of what the insurance company covers and what doesn’t. It is crucial for you to know that info in advance.

Travel insurance saves you from getting yourself in a debt
Travel insurance saves you from getting in a debt

Extras to your insurance

Not only travel health insurance is beneficial when travelling abroad. It could pay off if you’d think of other types or extras to your travel health insurance. By those “Extras” are meant mainly the following offers:

  • Baggage and Personal Items Loss – your gear will be fully protected.
  • Life Insurance (Accidental death, Air Flight Accident, Common Carrier).
  • Evacuation Insurance – to consider when travelling to specific places more predisposed to some kind of natural events.
  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption Insurance – that may happen too.
  • Special coverage for particular areas/dangerous or extreme activities – canoeing, climbing, skiing. Take a second to consider this Extra too.
Travel insurance makes your journeys stressless
Travel insurance makes your journeys stressless

Insurance comparison

There are several companies offering the insurance cover with many possible Extras. Just pick the right one for you. To help you with the jungle of insurance companies, we are listing a few of them:

  • AXA – Travel insurance offering beneficial options for all travellers with several Extras. Their bonus activity is called “lifestyle assistance” and it will help you with many (pleasure) things connected to traveling events, consultations and much more. Delight comes once you realise they (almost always) offer 50% discount on their insurance.
  • World Nomad – The name already whispers the purpose. They offer high limits (medical expenses even unlimited) and even coverage of risky activities. Great choice if you are an adventure soul taking every opportunity to try something breath-taking (read: risky) and adventurous.
  • Safety Wings – Company focused on digital nomads. With this insurance, you can cover your (2) kids under the age of 10 free of charge. Attention: They do not cover high risk sports activities. Benefit can be 0 coinsurance.
  • Alpenverein –  Great option for extreme sports enthusiasts. Amazing benefit of this suplementary insurance is that they actually cover up to altitude of 6000 m (which is very rare for these companies). They also cover world-wide activities, liability and court costs only in Europe. You may use their option to cover your kids for free – parents’ insurance is already applied to your small ones. They cover for lenght of 8 weeks of your travel – if you need more, go see their options. Although they offer great covers for many situations, this type of service should be taken reather as a suplementary cover instead of full travel insurance. Reason for that is that their coverage for medical expenses are not really high.
  • True Traveller – From travellers to travellers. This company offers insurance for more than 92 activities (including trekking, backpacking, scuba diving or winter sports) as standard. Insurance policy’s exclusions are one of the “customer-friendliest” on the insurance market. Assistance 24/7 is a natural thing. Their services should be valid for all European citizens again starting October/November 2021.

Good. You already know the names. But we made things even more clear for you, go ahead and see the comparison of options when traveling around Europe. Some of you already know the data as the companies often leave their prices and limits the same for a long period of time.

* Quoted prices are in Euro, valid for 1 person/7 days, in 8/2021.

Travel insurance helps with difficult moments
Travel insurance helps with difficult moments

When choosing the right insurance company, focus (beside your intentions in the country) especially on the limits. For European travels, the limits of medical expenses and liability cover should not be below 70 000 Euro. 

Camperguru Tip Nr.1: Are you travelling with your family? Then consider insurance companies who have special family insurance offers, such as AXA, Alianz, Alpenverein or just check your conditions and possibilities on your bank card.

Camperguru Tip Nr 2: Inform at your bank – it is possible that they provide travel insurance as an addition to your bank card. This option can be very favourable (which means more money saved for experiences.

Camperguru Tip Nr 3: Always get carefully informed about your insurance policy’s exclusions (especially Baggage and Personal Items Loss Insurance has many of them). You will save yourself (and the insurance company too) many troubles, confusions and arguments over what you should (not) pay or get.

Camping and travelling is all great, no doubts about that. As everywhere, there are several possible scenarios which may not be pleasant. Remember, things can go wrong. Be prepared for that. Get your faithful friend in need now. 

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