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Skiing in Austria

10 Best Spots for Skiing in Austria

Camping in Austria is not meant to be only for summer months. There is much more to do than just hiking in green and flourishing mountain fields – but that is great too. Austria is marvelous in winter and so is skiing there. Try some of the best places for skiing in Austria and enjoy the country from a different angle.

13 Convincing reasons to try skiing in Austria

What brings thousands of skiers to Austria each year? What makes tourists from all over Europe come to this area in the central part of this continent? And more importantly, what connects all of these below mentioned skiing areas? Let’s learn the main advantages of skiing in Austria:

  • outstanding skiing conditions
  • modern ski areas
  • high quality of local pistes
  • great interconnection of pistes
  • comfortable ski lifts/chair lifts/cable cars/chair lifts
  • amazing landscape all around
  • high level of cleanness
  • nice atmosphere
  • traditional Austrian touch
  • famous apres ski
  • lovely rustic huts and cottages
  • delicious Austrian cuisine
  • fair prices when you take in account the quality and length of pistes

These are the benefits of skiing in Austria. These are also reasons why people from central and southern Europe choose this country for winter activities. There is almost always a great amount of natural snow and therefore almost always optimal conditions for skiing.

Amazing Skiing in Austria
These views are not the only reason to come skiing in Austria.

Skiing in Austria: Spots to add to your travel plan

Have you made a decision that you will try skiing there yet? Okay but what now? There could be many hours of searching for the perfect place and while you may not have many experiences from these areas, you will just try your luck with choosing whatever seems to be recommended the most on the internet. And hope for the best. Or you can just lay back and get proven tips on the most perfect skiing in Austria, tried out by the authors and the bigger community, all in this article. We all see which way to gol, right? Cool, let’s learn more about these spots.

The best of skiing in Austria

There are many options to consider when deciding to go skiing to Austria. Many ski areas. Alright. And what about camping spots for campers? Plenty of those too. We did research and now we are showing you the best possible options so you do not really have to worry about ANYTHING. Let’s dive into the best tips now:

1. Almenwelt Lofer

Almenwelt Lofer area located close to the borders to Germany offers 10 modernized lifts taking you up to the height of 1750 metres above sea level. Pistes of all colors in the total length of 50 km give you a great opportunity to master your ski and snowboard skills – on or off the pistes too. Beside with kids areas, cross country ski and hiking options, this place should definitely be on your bucket list.

See the webcam footage of the pistes now so you know what to look forward to.

Do not worry about transport either, there is a ski bus service too. 

For summer activities, you can get inspired on their Instagram and see what hikes and other great activities are recommended there.

Camperguru tip: Searching for a safe family vacation ski tip? This one is definitely it as it is very suitable for the small members of your group. The area has contributed to that with modernizing the lifts and making even more sure that all lifts are safe for kids. They are world-wide the first ski lift company with even 2 childproof chairlifts.

Camping Grubhof

Camping Grubhof

Austria • Near Berchtesgaden National Park

Camping spot:  When choosing a skiing holiday in this area, make sure you will not miss out on this 4,5* camping Grubhof. Grubhof offers you a home. Because that is exactly how you will feel there. Choose from rich wellness options including massages, steam baths, sauna, relaxing beds, infracabin, Kneipp foot basin and much more. You can also keep yourself even more fit in their private fitness room and reward yourself afterwards with the delicious cuisine this area offers. This place is just amazing.

Extra to that, camping Grubhof is just 50 minutes from the Austrian capital Salzburg which is marvelous especially in winter. Taste the winter in one of the best European cities.

2. Bad Kleinkirchheimer

Bad Kleinkirchheimer is a spa town in Austrian Carinthia in a valley between Lake Millstatt and Gurk river. Bad Kleinkirchenheimer ski area is a good spot to choose when visiting this area in winter. They have all of the level colors you need – blue, red and black, so the whole family or group of friends will find their place to master their skills. Adventure lovers who love challenges can register and compete here with others or simply check your skiing datas. Children will have fun with “Skidoo tours” or snow tubing and much more. Treat yourself with available massages and thermal baths or saunas that became well-known for guests in the 17th century already. There are plenty of activities and events waiting for you. The choice is up to you.

For “skier’s off-seasons” you can have so much fun too – there is a rich list of leisure activities for summer and autumn too. Feel free to use their cable cars to reach the freeing heights. Fall in love with a holiday between lake and mountain in winter, fall for it again in summer and see the local nature in all its beauty.

Do not worry about transport to the slopes. There is a ski-bus available.

Camperguru tip: This area has started the advantage booking for the up-coming winter and you can get discounted season tickets and other benefits.

Camping spot: When visiting this area, make sure you will not miss Camping Brunner am See. It is well-known as a good starting spot for hikes in the alpine area and amazing view on the water surface. This place with a  sufficient capacity is located straight at the lake so it offers many activities – starting with a relaxing swim in summer too or taking cold baths as a prevention against many seasonal colds and flus. Swimming in cold water is one of the great tips on how to build a strong immune system. Boost your health in Camping Brunner am See. Step out of your comfort zone right in the morning before going skiing and do this refreshing step towards a better health and mood. 

3. Ski resort Dachstein West

Dachstein is famous to almost every skier, not only in Europe. Try Dachstein West and see for yourself why this place is so loved. It could be because the fact that there are 160 km of pistes, maybe because of the magical location between Salzburg and Upper Austria, many options for each family member, modern lifts, fun park, ski areas for kids, snowshoe trails, maybe because amazing gastronomy or… wait until you get there and see for youself. Meanwhile, you can check webcams and see the areas. You can also buy tickets online in advance and start looking forward to the snow paradise now. Ski pass entitles you to visit up to 8 areas.

There is also a ski bus service available you should use to enable yourself to really not stress about anything.

Camperguru tip: Check their website to stay informed about opening of the pistes and current conditions. Also, it helps you to orientate better once you arrive. This place is huge!

Camping spot: From plenty of possibilities of camping spots, we chose Wohnmobil Stellplatz Aqua Salza Golling for you. It is located just about comfortably 20-30 minutes from the ski area so there is a huge chance that you will be the first skiing down the perfectly groomed pistes. We can assure you that you will fall in love with this place and will feel like home. You can get your body regeneration it needs in their private indoor or outdoor pool, sauna or just by enjoying time with your close ones with local or international meals and drinks on their cozy roof terrace and tasting the cozy atmosphere of Golling. Also, do not forget to make a trip to the nearby capital city Salzburg or just take a hike to the wonderful Golling falls possible in any season of the year.

Dachstein skiing in Austria
Dachstein skiing in Austria

4. Wildkogel arena

Wildkogel in Salzburg between Bramberg and Neukirchen is definitely a nice tip for snow lovers who would love to try the authentic skiing in Austria. Skiing in Wildkogel is one of the to-do-things when visiting this area. Skiers in Wildkogel arena can enjoy more than 75 km of pistes of mostly blue and red color, with modern lifts, choose from many packages…and try their amazingly cozy  Aprés-ski bars and feel the right winter atmosphere.

All family members will feel great with much to do. Families with kids can use local family parks and kids clubs. Those looking for more fun will enjoy local fun slopes or try the world's longest floodlit toboggan run with 14 km which takes you directly to the valley.

As a bonus, this area offers an amazing view of High Tauren which is the main part of the Central Eastern Alps.

Camperguru tip: Use their ski-bus and ski-train service – it is for free.

Camping spot: Try out Panoramastellplatz Friedburg that offers fabulous views of Salzach valley and great opportunity to be literally closer to nature: this camping spot has a small private organic farm with sheep, goats and more cute animals. Not only you but mainly your kids will fall in love with this cozy place. There is probably no need to say that Panoramastellplatz Friedburg is pet-friendly so you do not have to abandon your pets at home.

5. The Bergeralm ski arena

The Bergalm ski area located in Steinach am Brenner, around 20 km south of Innsbruck, offers you fabulous mountain views, perfectly groomed pistes of any color wanted. Beside amazing snowboard or ski experience, you can go tobogganing or enable your kids to get amazing ski skills in the local ski school while enjoying yourselves with some delicious piece of Tyrolean speciality or drink at their restaurant located next to a piste. Taste the feeling of the winter paradise and great skiing in Austria already.

You will not be lacking in sports activities even when summer months come. There are many possibilities for summer hikes in the Wipptal area. This place will not leave you unfit. 

Camperguru tip: Check the views, look for the sun and first snow and make yourself not impatient already in advance with the local webcam.

Camping spot: Gschnitztal Valley, in which is our recommended stellplatz Zentralalpen-Stellplatz Trins located, is famous for holidaymakers coming for several types of enjoying their free time. Mountain cycling, hiking, skiing in the nearby arena, cross country skiings and other winter activities or just cozy long slow walks around. You will wake up to the sound of a river stream just a few metres away from your camper. And that does not sound bad either. Amazing views on the mountain all around Trins are just… a crucial bonus. Attention – Zentralalpen-Stellplatz Trins has only a few parking lots available, make sure you book your stay in advance.

6. Grossglockner Ski Resort

Grossglockner ski resort (alias Heiligenblut ski resort) located very close to the mountain itself just about 50 km away from another famous place – Kaprun.

This ski resort has a headline “The Highest Alpine Fun in Austria” – and this place really meets the expectations coming from that statement. You can ski on 55 km of perfectly groomed pistes and get to an incredible area reaching 2900 metres above sea level and have a real breathtaking view on the world below. This area has pistes of all three colors and 12 modern lifts taking you to the heights from which you can see up to 40 mountains higher than 3000 metres above the sea level. Impressive!

You can not get bored here even if you wanted to – there is an option for each member of your group – long pistes, family skiing parts, free ride, ski school, slope touring… anything you might want is available.

Can’t wait to see the views already? Whet your appetite for these right now with their webcams.

Make yourself your holiday even easier. Use the option of a free ski shuttle bus. This service is included in the ski pass price.

And what about this resort in summer? Well, no worries that you might get bored here. This place offers many tips for summer holidays at Grossglockner. Get inspired and enjoy.

Camperguru Tip: Take your favourite people and make a trip to a 60 km distant Grossglockner (3798 above the sea level) – the highest mountain in Austria.

Camping Lindlerhof

Camping Lindlerhof

Austria • Between Grossglockner and Lienzer Dolomieten

Camping spot: Use the chance to park your camper between the Grossglockner and the Lienzer Dolomiten in Camping Lindlerhof open all year long. Imagine morning views on the mountains all around your camper, afternoons skiing or hikes, evening relaxation with a hot mug of something tasty to drink and amazingly clean nature waiting for you to explore again the day after. Sounds like a dream. And Camping Lindlerhof allows you to make this dream happen. Let yourself experience it.

7. Lech Zürs am Arlberg

Arlberg ski area close to the German borders is one of the great tips to fully enjoy winter activities in the mountains. Discover the beauty of the Austrian landscape from this highly located spot. You can use the chance to try their “White circle” which connects many breath-taking places. Give your kids some fun and proper “winter” education in the local ski school that Lech Zürs offers. Get a bit of cross country skiing in their perfect trials. Go for a free ride. There is much more than just that. Try this paradise in Lech Zürs am Arlberg on your own.

There will not be any boredom in summer either. Enjoy some of the tips on how to spend not only amazing winter here but also summer to remember – with hikes, run trails, fishing, swimming, gold and much more.

Camperguru tip: Make sure you will not miss out on the walks and hikes around. Check their webcam and start planning.

Camping spot: An amazing spot is something that can really put the holiday on a brand new level. Let’s increase the level by choosing the AlpenCamping Nenzing. This place feels like heaven offering not only camping but also glamping, with the possibility of using their wellness area including saunas, massages, pool and… relaxation at its best. “Gastrolovers” will not feel bored, local cuisine is a luxurious experience. Thanks to the coziness and glamour touch of the interiors you will feel highly spoiled and pampered, in a good way that you deserve. The AlpenCamping Nenzing also offers many things for active quests coming to their camping heaven. There is absolutely objectively no known reason why you should wait any longer to book this spot.

8. Ski-Optimal Hochzillertal

The Ski-Optimal Hochzillertal area is located in Kaltenbach just 50 km to the west of the famous Innsbruck.

This ski area has more than 90 km of pistes of blue, red and black color and therefore is guaranteed that everyone finds their option here. There is also a ski school available, take the chance for your kids to learn skiing fast and properly with real pros.

With perfectly groomed slopes, almost 2400 metres above sea level, unprepared free ride routes and amazing views… What else could we ask for? 

Winter season at Hochzillertal starts December 4 2021 already, and finishes April 18, 2022. Make sure you have enough free space in your diary for this adventure. 

If you love the idea of having a hot alcohol drink in one of their cozy places, you can and feel free to use the ski bus service they offer.

Camperguru tip: What a day in the mountains. How to make the best of the evening? Well, wellness is always a good idea and people in Camping Seeblick Toni know it. Try out their cozy relaxation zone with finnish sauna, aroma steam baths, resting beds and massages. If done with relaxing their wellness, why not make a trip to relatively near-by Innsbruck to get a bit from the winter atmosphere too?

Camping spot: Let yourself enjoy some time at 5* Camping Seeblick-Toni in the heart of nature and just 20 minutes from the ski area. This place is prefered by those who want to connect landscape within arms reach and great service at one place. Lake Reintal is the largest of the lakes in the Kramsach area and…it is just where the camping spot is. You will also be touched by the hospitality of the locals who will try their best to exceed your camping expectations. Camping Seeblick-Toni is rated with 88% positive recommendations. Will you prove them right?  

9. Stubai Glacier

Skiing on a glacier is something that every true ski lover must try at least once in a lifetime. Stubai Glacier is approximately 40 km away from Austrian Innsbruck offers 35 pistes of all colors, 26 ski lifts, snow parks, freeride areas, children’s playground and much more. It is the winter feeling at its best. Feel free to check their social media news to stay updated and inspired.

Camperguru tip: Are you adrenaline-lover? Well, you are at the right place here. In summer, you can try hiking or ferrata experience in Stubai area.

Camping spot: You can accommodate yourself at Camping Stubai which is about 3 minutes by foot to the ski bus stop that will take you to the Stubai Glacier in only 15 minutes. This is the right place to stay if you desire to experience skiing in Austria with a comfortably close accommodation. Camping Stubai gives you a chance to enjoy your evenings after winter activities in their wellness. Sauna or steam bath after all day in freezing weather is just as good as it sounds. If you intend to go skiing at the famous Stubai Glacier, Camping Stubai will give you a nice home for a few days, for sure.

Skiing in Austria is great but skiing on glaciers is something very special and a whole new level of ski experience. Allow yourself to treat your family in a luxurious way and yourself too.

10. Gastein

Gastein pistes offer an amazing winter experience and the Gastein valley is a real heaven for skiers. There are 4 areas with more than 200 km of pistes with difficulty of each color – blue, red and black, from the easiest ones to the most challenging. All your family members will find their thing there – even the smallest ones. They will enjoy themselves in 3 local snowparks. Skiing in Austria will be appreciated also by the true snow lovers who can also get up to 2700 m above sea level in this area and get to experience views that are just… as breathtaking as they can be. And what do you think about the possibility of going to two local spa resorts straight from their pistes? Does not sound so bad, right? 

Camperguru tip: Gastein offers stress-free transportation to many touristic places throughout the valley. Do not hesitate to use their ski shuttles or public places.

And what about summer or basically all of the three remaining seasons? Good point. Gastein area has plenty of outdoor activities for each time of the year. Bike trails, more than 600 km of hiking trails and amazing landscape with lakes, green meadows and fresh air. See, Gastein valley offers a lot. Try on your own.

Camping spot: When talking about such a luxurious skiing experience, one should add a nice place to stay overnight. And this Kurcamping Erlengrund seems like the best fit. This place is nicely equipped for campers and there is everything you really need. Imagine that… Nice day spent on the ski slopes, having a local meal for lunch and after the whole day sitting in a warm place drinking hot wine looking at the stunning nature that Austria offers… What could possibly make it even better? Yes, private wellness. And yet, this camping spot offers even this. It would be foolish not to try Kurcamping Erlengrund out. Agree?

Austrian Neighbours

Not only Austria is great for skiing – try these areas in Germany or Italy too. Mostly campers from the central Europe could appreciate nice winter area in not-far-away Germany:

When visiting Italy, you can choose from many areas perfect for skiing and winter activities too. Do not forget to make sure you have a nice place to stay as well. We recommend you these places suitable for you and your camper:

If you feel like seeing other parts of Europe, let's read a bit about camping in other European countries. When travelling, always think twice before hitting the road – and take out a proper travel insurance for you and your dearest ones.

Winter in Europe can be just great. Cities covered in snow are the best therapy for any problem, skiing in Austria is pure happiness and an incredibly big reason to look forward to the up-coming cold months. It is also one of those great things to do when visiting the country. Get inspired, enjoy some quality time with your close ones in these mountain areas and experience the real taste of white winter. Do not forget to tag us in the mountain-camping vacay photos. Let’s share the views!

Make sure you are not missing out on these helpful campers' articles full of handy tips:

By Kate • November 2021

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