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Top Camping Countries Europe

Looking for adventure? Explore European Countries for Campers and their Rules

Are you exploring the options where to go with your camper? Which countries fit the most for this type of travels? Do you want to try the countries you have never been to before but don’t want to spend hours researching? Relax, we did that for you. Enjoy the list of European countries for campers and get inspired.

So what are some of the possibilities for the camper community in Europe? See the list* below:

* Countries are not listed according to the best ranking.

Have you found your dream destination yet? If so, get more information on how suitable for campers this country is. It is fair to say one important fact right at the beginning: Not all countries are the best for camper travels. Not all countries offer the best conditions, some offer more advantageous environments, some less. 

If you are deciding where to go for your first camper holiday, we fully recommend you to try out some of the European countries which offer the very best conditions so you will fall in love with that holiday type and will want to do more trips in camper.

Let’s read a bit about each country. For a simplification, we divide these countries into a group of suitability and for each group there are a few chosen countries. We are hoping you will get the information you need to hit the road.

European countries for campers

Group 1: The best of the best

France, Spain, Germany

Every advanced camper already knows that among the best European countries for campers is definitely this spectacular trio: France, Spain, Germany, not leaving the UK, Netherlands, Austria or Switzerland far behind. Why? 

All of these are provided with many comfortable camping sites all around the country and are very friendly to travellers all around the world. As a bonus, these countries have significant infrastructure. These parameters make listed countries very great for campers. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Spain will make you wrap around its finger with the local food, music, culture in general, views, bays and beaches with lovely sea. There is probably no need to introduce benefits that France has to offer. It is important to add that the French camp site is very good and has many spectacular camping spots available as well. Some of these places even offer an unforgettable view of cliffs and bays

Area de Autocaravanas de Kobetamendi
Camper park

Camper Park Kobetamendi

Spain • Bilbao City Center, Basque Country

And Germany? Let’s not underestimate the beauty of this country. It has a lot to show off with its manifold landscape, national parks, forests, lakes and many more. 

Germany and campsites, how is the situation? This country offers a great number of available and beautiful camps as well where you can comfortably accommodate yourself for as long as you want. 

Do you want to try out camping close to Germany? Well, why not try this one near the German borders: 

Camper park Eguisheim
Camper park

Camper park in Eguisheim

France • in the village of Eguisheim in Alsace region

For all of these three mentioned countries, you can’t go wild camping but you can use the options of camping on a farm or a winery too. They are involved in the special adventure site that offers great camping spots, reasonable prices and experience in one package.

Do you want to fall in love in French style? Let’s discover this place then:

Group 2: European countries like these can surprise

Czechia, Slovenia, Greece

Let’s take a look at those countries that still have a lot to improve but are still learning and improving. Those countries offer a lot and are definitely worth seeing thanks to their landscape, rich history and many more. Services and camping options are getting better each year and they are taking other campers’ favorite countries as an example. They are not quite there yet… but are definitely close – and much closer than they were 5 or 10 years ago. 

There is a wide range of small or middle-sized camps satisfying the very basic needs for camping but also of these bigger ones offering very great facilities and equipment. It depends on personal preferences and, of course, a personal budget. 

Camping in Czechia, or Czech republic, as you want, has many to offer while still growing and recently improving a lot. Czechia answered positively to a still-growing phenomenon of travelling by campers. Plus in many cases, you can connect a nice place with something extra. What’s that? There are many places that can offer you not only parking but also…soul, atmosphere or experience

Camping area
Private spot

Country House Tisá

Czechia • Near Děčín, Ústí nad Labem region

Czechia is famous for vineries, mountains, lakes, rivers, ponds and dams and many more. Prices are very reasonable here as this middle-European country is very cheap, compared to France, Germany or Spain. Surprisingly, camping in the heart of Europe with such great possibilities will not cost you a fortune. Talking about camping, this stellplatz decided to put amazing wine into their camping ideas… and to be honest – is there any phrase like “a bad plan with wine”? Of course not.

Slovenia is a great option for all campers who want to see something new and less touristy. This green country is currently available with more than 150 locations for your camper. And what can you actually do there? Well, the spectrum is wide. You have to go sightseeing, taste their cuisine, get to know the history, culture and traditions. The main “must-see” is, of course, Slovenian breath-taking landscape. That’s something thousands of campers go thousands of kilometers to Slovenia for and also something you must make enough time for when hitting this country.

Your head started spinning with the mention of Slovenian nature? Well, try this camping spot close to Triglav National Park:

Kemp Gabrlje

Camp Gabrje

Slovenia • Soča Valley, left bank of river Soča

Greece is very well aware of campers travelling all around the world and they are definitely not falling back. They have so much to show off with, starting with amazing culture, nice cities, delicious cuisine, ending with amazing sea and many trips options. Reason for central or further campers can be the distance but local beauty comparable to Portugal will make you sure that the road was worth taking.

Infrastructure of each mentioned country is kind of alright. There is no reason why not to try these less touristy and less camper-famous countries.

Group 3: Think twice

Croatia, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey

Overcrowding, limiting laws, restricted areas for campers, ferry necessity to the land or poor camp quality… sounds kind of awful, right? Well, that is something you have to take into consideration when thinking of going to these countries. But  there is a compensation in the form of marvellous cuisine or the beautiful Mediterranean sea. What else is playing into their hands?

When it comes to Croatia, this country offers a really beautiful Mediterranean sea, beaches and great cuisine and an interesting culture. It is frequently visited by many central-European citizens who visit not-so-far-away Croatia for those reasons. Although all of this is a very good reason to hit the road and go there, we must admit that Croatia has always been strict in camper conditions plus it is overcrowded by tourists in sunny seasons. You could enjoy a nice time when heading to Croatia with your camper or van off season.

First, camping in the wild areas (highway rest areas included) is strictly forbidden and local police keep a very severe eye on those breaking this law. Therefore the number of legal stays is limited and there are really only a few of them. Everyone has to stay in marked campsites which is compensated mostly by a very well equipped camp environment.

So yes, freedom but let’s say… limited with rules. But still, this country is definitely not closed to camper-enthusiasts. Get comfortably accommodated close to the well-known cities surrounded by great nature environment or even close by the famous lakes. Options are limited, yes, but it does not mean Croatia is a “no-go” country for campers.

Portugal and camping? Similar to Croatia. In this country, you will be welcomed by amazing views (not only on coastlines) that simply never get old. There is a But. Wild camping is, again, illegal here. For your camping adventures, you need to follow certain rules… and choose from the marked campsites. Don’t worry tho. There is a big net of legal camps – both on the coastline and throughout the interior. 

In need of a tip for a Portuguese camping spot? Let’s see this beauty:

Parking Camping on the beach
Camping on the beach
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Secret camping spot

PortugalJoin Premium+ and unlock 42 hidden jewels

Join to unlock 42 spots

Are you just mad because of this “wild-camping-forbidden” thing? Well, take a look at it from a different angle. One or two decades ago, this country was very open to campers. Why was that? Those travellers enjoyed the spectacular view and paid their price for zero expenses – they made sure that they left the spot better for those arriving after them. Nowadays, the consumption of plastic is unbelievable. And it is… just everywhere. Soon, the local government recognised an urgent need of intervention in order to help the kind of ruined environment

Argue as you want but this step is a smart (let’s hope temporary) help to Mother Nature. And we owe it. Plus, by parking your camper in legal places, you are also helping the locals, which is, especially after the worst covid-wave very appreciated. Although it is said by campers that contact with a policeman in this area is very rare, even if you are parked in an illegal area, we strongly advise you not to break those rules. Two reasons – the first above, the second – ugly fine coming to you.

Morocco and Turkey. An unusual camping spot? Maybe. But let’s see why anyone should visit these places at least once and try the local camping. At least once. Benefits of these countries are more than clear. First, the whole world knows about local cuisine. Mediterranean fruits, seafood, famous couscous and uncommon types of meats (mutton or lamb meat). Second, they have amazing (and less touristy) places worth seeing

There is a big But. These countries are… let’s say… far behind when it comes to camp equipment and quality. If you are looking for a beautiful campsite where you can comfortably live for a few days or weeks, these won’t be the right destinations for you. But if you are modest and adventurous enough, feel free to go. A thing needed to be said: Travellers must use the ferry as a means of transport to Morocco with their campers.

No such thing as “bad country for campers”

Let us say that there is no such country as “bad” for camping. You can find nice camping options almost everywhere and enjoy the places even though the country itself isn’t very developed for campers. It is all a matter of a person’s point of view and perspective. And maybe, one can take the chance, make the best of the time in a specific country and take that all as a challenge.

European countries for campers

Don’t rush your way in the first place. Take your time, discover new angles, change your point of view, taste and feel the country, literally. Meet local people, have chats with them. Enjoy life.

Don’t forget to get inspired with many articles about campers and this adventurous lifestyle:

By Kate • October 2021

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