Best Camping Spots of 2023 +Tips for 2024

Whether you chose to stay local or head off overseas, 2023 treated us with some incredible camping destinations. Of course, it is not just campsites that have wonderful things to offer to us campers, but many restaurants, vineyards, spas, and hotels now offer a few serviced spots for campervans and mobile homes to spend a night or two. Here, we have collated our favorite camping spots of 2023, and highly recommend them for anyone busy planning their next camping trip in 2024!

Let's dive straight into the best camping spots of 2023, each adored for its unique offerings and stunning natural beauty. From the picturesque locales in the heart of Europe, pristine coastal getaways of Spain, family-friendly ranches in Slovenia, to the vibrant vineyards of Portugal, each spot brings to the table an unmatched camping experience. Offering not only great accommodation options for your camper or RV but also an array of activities and features to make your vacation more than memorable, these campsites are truly gems worth exploring. So strap on your adventure boots and prepare for an exhilarating ride as we take you through these magical camping destinations.

Minicamp Pribram: A Woodland Wonderland

Here's why this gem made it to our top camping spots of 2023:

  • Nestled in woodlands providing an intimate connection with nature
  • A natural swimming pond complete with water slides for a refreshing dip
  • Kid-friendly with an adventure playground to keep the little ones busy
  • A sauna for pure relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Proximity to hills, perfect for hiking, biking and exploration activities
  • Located near Prague, providing easy access to urban attractions

This lovely campsite was newly finished this year and has been wowing guests since it fully opened. It has a gorgeous setting surrounded by forests and on site there are so many activities to keep the whole family entertained. The swimming area is fantastic and such a treat during the summer months. Everything on site is maintained to a really high standard and the staff and so friendly. If you are passing through Czechia, this spot should definitely be on the to-visit list.

Wecamp Cabo de Gata: A Coastal Paradise of Tranquility and Beauty

Why did we choose Cabe de Gata Wecamp:

  • Boasts an amazing swimming pool surrounded by plentiful loungers for ultimate relaxation
  • The beach is just a stone's throw away, allowing for quick and easy access
  • On-site restaurant with mesmerizing sea views promises delightful dining experiences
  • Stay in comfort with state-of-the-art bungalows and sleeping pods that offer a unique camping experience
  • Set against gorgeous mountainous surroundings that are a feast for the eyes
  • Prioritizes sustainability, making it a responsible choice for the nature-loving camper.
Featured Campsite

Wecamp Cabo de Gata

Spain • Near artsy Rodalquilar town. In the heart of natural park.

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This is another spot that is fairly new on the camping scene in Spain. Wecamp Cabo de Gata is the perfect place for people who love nature. With access to a quiet cove and paths that lead to Las Negras or Playazo de Rodalquilar, you can enjoy the coast by either hiking along it or taking a seat and enjoying the view. The facilities are very comfortable, new, and clean, with a minimalist design that fits perfectly with the environment in which it is located. It has a very boutique, luxurious feel. The whole site feels very calm and it is the perfect choice to escape from the madding crowd for a while.

Zvikov Village Kemp: A Scandinavian Sanctuary With a View”

Why it's a top choice for 2023:

  • Unique Scandanavian style that adds a touch of simplicity and elegance
  • A stunning outdoor swimming pool to cool off during summer days
  • Nestled in green surroundings, offering tranquility and a connection with nature
  • Strategically located with a lovely view of the river
  • Offers breakfast on site, saving you the time and effort of morning preparations
  • Features fire pits throughout the site for cozy campfire evenings.

This campsite is found in South Bohemia, and its location on a river immerses you in nature and creates a relaxing atmosphere. The camping areas are terraced so there is a nice variety of spots to choose from when setting up your camp. Zvikov Village Kemp suits both those who want to chill out and those who fancy a bit of activity – there are wonderful cycling routes, an awesome outdoor pool as well as a natural pond for swimming, and a sauna. There's no need to worry about cooking here either thanks to the snack bar and restaurant on site.

Ranch 13: Your Gateway to the Wild West Adventure

This unique camping site is rightfully on our 2023 favorites list for these reasons:

  • Live shows blended with Western-style horse riding and rodeo give memorable and exciting experiences
  • Fantastic on-site restaurant that lets you indulge your taste buds while enjoying the raw beauty of the ranch
  • The rare opportunity to stay on a working ranch and connect up-close with the horses
  • Set amidst stunning natural surroundings that serve as an inviting backdrop for rejuvenating hikes
  • A far cry from conventional campsites, ensuring a distinctive camping experience

Many people may have never thought about taking a camping trip on a ranch, and we are here to tell you that you should! If you stay here during one of the Western events, it will give you memories that last a lifetime. The surroundings are beautiful so even if there is nothing scheduled at the ranch this is still a great choice for camping, especially if you enjoy hiking and exploring in nature. There is a restaurant onsite too so you can take it easy in the evenings and leave your cooking utensils packed away! It feels like you are checking into a movie set when you arrive here and it is definitely something unique.

Mas Karmel: A Tranquil Retreat Amidst Catalonia's Scenic Landscapes

Here's why this hidden gem was a standout for us in 2023:

  • The location treats you to amazing views of the surrounding countryside, offering a nature-filled camping experience
  • The campsite offers plenty of space without any fixed spots, giving you the freedom to choose your own tranquil corner
  • Catering to campers over 14 years of age, Mas Karmel promises and maintains a serene and quiet atmosphere
  • Ready to cool off on a hot summer day? There's a swimming pool on-site for a refreshing dip
  • The picturesque dining area also offers some food, adding a convenient finishing touch to your stay.

This is a wonderful campsite in a stunning environment. It is as far away from large, commercial camping as you can get. The owners are so friendly and accommodating, they offer spots for up to 20 campers, so it is never crowded and overwhelming here. In fact, you will experience nothing short of tranquility during your stay. Everything is clean and well maintained. There is also a fabulous pool here that you can enjoy cooling off in. It feels like you are lost in nature here and you will probably end up staying longer than you planned!

Tourist Farm Dolsko: Experience Authentic Slovenian Countryside Living

Why this farm made it to our top recommendations for 2023:

  • Organic food cultivated and prepared on-site, offering a delightful farm-to-table experience
  • A wonderfully kind and welcoming host family enhances your stay with heart-warming hospitality
  • On-site restaurant open at weekends, serving delicious home-made meals straight from the farm
  • Situated amidst idyllic, peaceful surroundings that ensure a relaxing break from city life
  • Presents the opportunity to stay on an authentic, working farm and get closer to rural life
Tourist Farm Dolsko
Featured Farm

Tourist Farm Dolsko

Slovenia • Northeast of Ljubljana

This is an authentic, family-run farm found in the middle of the countryside of Slovenia. This farm is proud to produce all their own food and will insist on campers joining them in enjoying their goods! You are guaranteed to receive a super warm welcome on arrival here and the family is kind, genuine, and happy to share their farm with their guests. Over the weekends, the farmhouse opens up to become a restaurant, serving three incredible courses of homemade, home-grown food. Therefore, it is well worth planning your trip here to include a weekend! It is such an idyllic spot, and provides a real escape from stress. It is also a really affordable place to stay.

Wecamp Cadaques: Mediterranean Bliss and Unforgettable Views

Here's why this campsite is among our top picks for 2023:

  • Awe-inspiring landscapes that act as a calming retreat
  • Some camping spots provide breathtaking sea-views, or better yet, the sea is within a comfortable walking distance
  • Offers uniquely designed accommodation for a modern yet rustic camping experience
  • The picturesque swimming pool with an amazing view to enhance your stay
  • Recent comprehensive renovation of facilities assures a pristine camping environment.
WeCamp Cadaques
Featured Campsite

Wecamp Cadaques

Spain • North of Girona, Catalonia, Mediterranean

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This campsite has recently been completely renovated and it has a fantastic location too. It is only a 10 minutes walk down to the nearest town and port, which is well worth a visit. The plots for campers are spacious and comfortable, with all the facilities on hand that you need. The whole site has a great aesthetic and it is fun to stay here, especially if you manage to get one of the spots with a sea view. To sit outside of your camper with a drink and take in such a spectacular view is what holidays are made of!

Stellplatz Buliro Prague: Your Secure and Spacious Base for Prague Exploration

Here's why we recommend this park for your 2024 camping:

  • Perfectly situated for a trip to Prague, one of Europe's most enchanting cities
  • Offers a super secure spot to park your camper with the day's end, thanks to its gated location
  • Even during the peak season, it retains an uncrowded feel, thanks to its incredible spaciousness
  • Surrounded by lush greenery for a serene camping experience
  • A playground for the kids ensures an entertaining stay for your little ones
  • Notably, wellness facilities are available for dogs making it a pet-friendly location.

This is not your common stellplatz in Prague. Located in the midst of lush greenery, this is a very safe location to park up your campervan as the spots are behind several gates. There are great amenities here for campers, and it is definitely the place to stay when planning a vacation or just passing through Prague. The city centre is easily reached by public transport, a 10 minute walk, or by taxi. At this stellplatz, you do not have to experience that usual crowded camper parking – even in peak season. There is a space for everyone, as this area is extra spacious and divided into several zones.

Camping Aranjuez: An Oasis of Greenery and Adventure

Here's why Camping Aranjuez is part of our top camping spots for 2023:

  • A lush green campsite shaded by mature trees for a serene outdoor experience
  • Located next to the gorgeous Tajo River, adding refreshment and relaxation to your camping experience
  • An impressive swimming pool complex with three different pools to cool off during sultry summer days
  • An ideal base for day trips due to its central location
  • The convenience of catching a train to Madrid for a day trip makes your camping experience more versatile.

This large, spacious campsite is open all year round and the plots are situated in the green under mature trees, which provide some much-needed shade in summer. The site is also next to the winding Tajo river, for extra coolness. It has an amazing central location, perfect for making daytrips to explore the surrounding areas. After a trip, head to the swimming pool complex, which consists of three beautiful pools and is a great place to relax in the sun or in the shade.

Fita Preta Winery: A Vintage Experience Awaits in Central Alentejo

Underlining why Fita Preta Winery is on our must-visit list for 2023:

  • Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff who are ready to share their passion and insight into winemaking
  • The opportunity to learn anything and everything about winemaking, providing a fascinating behind-the-scenes perspective
  • Join the wine tasting for a sensory journey showcasing the estate's finest wines
  • The winery estate is steeped in history, adding further intrigue to your visit
  • The best part? Wine from their ‘Sexy wine collection' is included in your stay, making it a winery adventure you'll remember.
Fita Preta Winery
Featured Winery

Fita Preta Winery

Portugal • Central Alentejo

On arrival at this winery, you will be given a friendly reception and made to feel very welcome. The staff gives you a tour of the estate. Make sure to ask as many questions as you can think of – these guys are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their trade! The booking fee includes 6 bottles of their ‘Sexy wine collection'. The pitch is only for self-supportive vehicles, as there is no hookup, no water or electricity. Also, there is only one spot available each night, so be sure to book your place!

Ohai Resort: A Blend of Luxury and Adventure

Why we put this resort on our 2023 favorite list:

  • Two amazing swimming pools, one landscaped and the other a relaxation pool – reheated and covered for colder months
  • An outdoor water park full of exciting slides that delight both kids and adults
  • Offers unique accommodation in fancy stilted glamping tents and modern bungalows
  • Loaded with fun and engaging activities like a kids' club, mini golf and playground
  • Ensures a perfect balance between relaxation and activity for an unforgettable vacation.

The main attractions at this site are the huge landscape pool with plenty of sun loungers and a cozy relaxation pool. Both are heated and covered by a transparent roof, which is perfect for colder days. Outdoors is a huge water park with several slides and water features, the kids will love this! The sanitary amenities for campers are basic though have everything you will need. The resort mainly focuses on guests lodging in the fancy stilted glamping tents or the many modern bungalows. All in all, the site offers the perfect holiday combination of relaxation and activity!

Kikopark Rural: Your Personal Oasis Amidst Adventure and Nature

This hidden gem is part of our top camping spots for 2023 thanks to:

  • Spacious plots separated by hedges, ensuring privacy during your stay
  • Proximity to a huge lake that invites swimming and other water sports. There's also a pool on site for those preferring a more controlled water experience
  • Climbing wall right on site, perfect for thrill-seekers
  • The campsite's location amidst an incredible forest and hills provides an ideal setup for relaxing and enjoying nature
  • Climbing tours with ladders and ziplines can be booked for an added dose of adrenaline
  • A fantastic option for families that cater to both adventure-seekers and those looking for tranquility in their holiday.

This is a campsite to choose if you have a need for peace and quiet on your holiday. It has incredible views of the mountains and is close to a large lake with the possibility of swimming. There is also a swimming pool onsite if you do not feel like moving too much. Kikopark Rural is situated in a nature area with opportunities for walking, water sports, rafting, fishing, canoeing, hiking and mountain biking. Therefore, if you are seeking some adventurous sports on your holidays, this is an excellent choice for you! It is also great if part of the family want to relax while the others head off for action.

Salema Eco Camp: A Surfing Paradise Amid Nurturing Nature

Here's why this eco-friendly escape tops our list for 2023:

  • Live the slow life, fully immersing yourself in an eco-friendly campsite residing in the Natural Park of Costa Vicentina
  • Set up close to the beach, the campsite is a paradise for surfers looking to ride the Portuguese waves
  • The site has a real community vibe, attracting family-centric, artistic, and nomadic guests who embrace an alternative lifestyle
  • Many guests are known to book long stays, contributing to the bonding experience over time
  • The accommodation boasts panoramic views of the countryside, creating a blissful campscape to wake up to
  • With an onsite ecoshop and plenty of facilities, you are equipped with everything for a perfect holiday. The camp is also recommended for a winter break with its warm community and serene setting nourishing the soul.
Salema Eco Camp
Featured Campsite

Salema Eco Camp

Portugal • Costa Vicentina, Algarve

This campsite is a great choice for lovers of a slow living, eco lifestyle. During your holiday here, you will wake up surrounded by nature, visit wild beaches, experience incredible sunsets, surf the Portuguese waves and relax surrounded by nature in the Natural Park of Costa Vicentina. With plenty of facilities including an ecoshop on site, you will never have to stray too far to find everything you need for the perfect holiday. Salema definitely is a bit ‘off mainstream’. Staying here, you will find lots of families with children (even in low season all homeschooling), the occasional yogis, artists, digital nomads… all people preferring an alternative way of life. It's a great choice for a winter break too.

Country House Tisa: A Nature-Draped Getaway in Czechia

Here's why Country House Tisa is a must-visit this year:

  • Day trips to two beautiful cities – Dresden and Prague, offering an urban spin to your camping experience
  • Surrounded by scenic landscapes that provide ample opportunities for walking and cycling
  • A natural swimming pool to cool off during balmy afternoons
  • An outdoor sauna on-site for the ultimate relaxation after a long day of exploring
  • Cross-country skiing in winter for the thrill-seekers
  • A fireplace for cozy barbeques during nippy evenings
  • And, not to forget, it's an ideal camping location for families, thanks to the separate playground for kids.
Camping area
Featured Private spot

Country House Tisá

Czechia • Near Děčín, Ústí nad Labem region

This spot is located roughly 35 minutes drive from Dresden, or one hour from Prague, making it a great choice for those who fancy a daytrip to both of these cities. There are some great walking and cycling paths directly from this spot too, so you do not always have to get back in your vehicle to enjoy a day out. When getting back from a bike ride, climbing tour, or hiking trail, cool down in a beautiful natural pool or relax your muscles in the wooden outdoor sauna. During winter there is a direct access to cross-country skiing trails. The fireplace is ready for barbecues and there is a separate playground area behind it designated just for your kids.

If you are feeling inspired and ready to book something after looking at these fantastic camping spots from 2023.

Here is a small selection of 5 bonus sites that should be on your list to visit in 2024!

Fly Resort: Beachfront Delight & Endless Exploration

Here's why Fly Resort makes our list of must-visit camping spots for 2024:

  • Incredible sandy beaches at your doorstep, offering exquisite sea views and endless fun
  • A massive sand dune nearby for exploration and adventure
  • Offers the unique experience of camping directly on the beach, amplifying the ‘ocean-sleep’ experience, a dream come true for many!
  • Bonfire zones on-site, ensuring your evenings are filled with warmth, delicious roasting treats, and unforgettable camper tales
  • Proximity to the Słowiński National Park allows you to delve into Poland's natural heritage easily
FLY Resort Łeba
Featured Campsite

FLY Resort

Poland • Near Słowiński National Park, Pomeranian Voivodeship

FLY Resort is definitely worth a few nights to explore the surrounding natural attractions. Half an hour by foot or 8 min by bike, the lagoon-side hiking trails can be reached across ever-sliding sand dunes and scattered trees. At this site, you can choose a place to camp directly near the beach, which is a dream come true! There are designated areas for bonfires or barbecues perfect for sitting around a warm campfire, roasting marshmallows, and most importantly building unforgettable memories.

Wecamp Santa Cristina: Pristine Wilderness Meets Lavish Camping

Here's what makes it a 2023 highlight:

  • Close to El Carrilet bike trail for cycling enthusiasts
  • Privacy ensured with pitches surrounded by trees and shrubs
  • Perfect for beach lovers due to its proximity
  • Two on-site swimming pools for a quick dip
  • Offers fantastic glamping spots for a unique camping experience

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This camping spot is surrounded by the lush forests of Les Gavarres to the north and iconic Mediterranean coves to the south. It is a privileged location and presents a perfect base for exploration. This is a boutique, luxury campsite. It exudes a cool, modern vibe, and the staff maintains a high standard of cleanliness, ensuring a comfortable stay. Additionally, cyclists will delight in the proximity to the famous El Carrilet bike trail, part of the Green Ways network, which extends throughout the country and continues onward to the Pyrenees.

Ježevac Premium Camping Resort: A Slice of Croatian Paradise

Why it's on our 2023 must-visit list:

  • Located just a 5-minute walk from the historic town of Krk
  • Offers sea views from many pitches for an enchanting camping experience
  • Allows for direct access to the pebble beaches
  • Features a sea-view swimming pool with water slides for endless fun
  • Houses a restaurant with a beach bar for your food and drink needs
Ježevac Premium Camping Resort
Featured Campsite

Ježevac Premium Camping Resort

Croatia • Island of Krk, Near old town of Krk

This premium camping experience is just a 5-minute walk from the historic center of the town of Krk. It takes just a few minutes of a pleasant walk to get to the marina and the old city center with several small restaurants, pubs, and bars. At the campsite, several pitches are located at the beachfront with nice sea views, and most of these pitches have rocky access to the sea with a pebble beach close by. If you do not fancy a trip to the beach, you can relax in the sea-view swimming pool, which is heated in the low season, while your kids are having fun on the water slides!

Saksida Wine and Camping Resort: Your Eco-Friendly Retreat Amidst Vineyards

  • Offers a quiet and peaceful camper stop perfect for a serene getaway
  • Nestled amidst nature and lush vineyards for an idyllic camping backdrop
  • Carries an Eco-Camping certificate, ensuring a green stay
  • At a favorable distance from two enchanting cities – an hour from Ljubliana and half an hour from Venice
  • Comes with a lovely swimming pool on-site for a refreshing escape
  • The accommodation is placed on picturesque terraces amidst the vineyards for a unique camping experience.
Saksida Estate
Featured Campsite

Saksida Wine and Camping Resort

Slovenia • Zalošče, heart of the Vipava Valley

This spot was already known as a camper stop but has now grown into a complete campsite. It is situated against a hillside that is full of vineyards and you can enjoy the view from your camper, or from the lovely little swimming pool on site. You camp on terraces in the middle of the vineyards. The terraces are very well cared for and have room for thirty touring pitches. Some of these pitches are quite small and ideal for an overnight stay with a tent. The larger touring pitches are suitable for caravans and campers. Saksida holds an Eco-Camping certificate testifying to its eco-friendliness and quality.

Wecamp Cala Montgo: Luxury Camping by the Beach

Why it's worth visiting in 2024:

  • Incredible beach situated a mere 5 minutes walk from the campsite
  • Excellent sea-view restaurants close by for exquisite dining experiences
  • Abundant activities including a playground, mini-golf, and a kids' club during the season
  • Nestled within a large pine forest teeming with wildlife, ensuring a close-to-nature experience
  • Provides ample shade with plenty of trees on-site for those scorching summer days
  • The campsite is known for its impeccable cleanliness, luxury standards, and high-end facilities.
  • Definitely a boutique, luxury campsite

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If you plan to visit the Costa Brava in 2024, Wecamp Cala Montgo is the campsite you should use as your base. It boasts impeccably clean bathrooms with hot water, a five-star hotel-worthy swimming pool, and a superb yet reasonably priced restaurant. To enhance convenience, Wecamp Cala Montgó offers additional practical perks, including a well-stocked grocery shop, barbecue facilities, a laundry room, WiFi access, and a designated dog-walking area for furry companions. For those seeking an ideal coastal getaway, this friendly campsite near L'Escala presents an inviting atmosphere to unwind and revel in the open air.

2023 Highlights: Exceptional Camping Spots for Unparalleled Escapes – What will 2024 bring?

As we reflect on 2023 and look ahead to new adventures in 2024, we are filled with anticipation. Whether you're yearning for sandy beaches, western ranches, vineyards, or working farms, unforgettable memories await. Each of our recommended spots will not only meet but exceed your expectations, curating an extraordinary camping experience for you. Get ready to make 2024 a year of memorable camping adventures!

By Tasha and Tristan • December 2023

Tasha and Tristan are enthusiastic camper travelers, currently journeying in their orange vintage Mercedes van. Natasha, who previously lived in Borneo working for orangutan conservation, brings a minimalist lifestyle to their vanlife. The couple, without a permanent base, take on various projects across Europe, from pet-sitting to house renovation, earning enough for food and petrol. They constantly seek incredible camper stops to share with Camperguru members.

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