20 Incredible Budget Campsites Under €20 for Your Summer Getaway

Let's go back to the days when a camping holiday was the best option for those on a budget!

Most of us, whether living in our campers or only getting them out for holidays, choose these awesome vehicles because of the idea that whilst using them as our homes, we will be able to keep costs down. A camping week used to be the only choice for those on a budget and it is now becoming as costly as a flight and a package holiday!

Camperguru finds the very best campsites across Europe (and soon the rest of the world too!) and displays them for you here in all their glory, with all the details you could possibly want to know about them before deciding on your course of travel. Though some of these come at a cost, thankfully you do not always have to spend high to enjoy a stay at some of the best 5% of camping spots that we have found.

Here, we highlight 20 spots where you can stay for less than €20 across different countries in Europe. There are more to be found in our collection too – try searching our ‘Joker' spots, as these are the areas that our Ambassadors have happened upon that are not official campsites, are often free of charge, yet still have the comfort and facilities that we all want during our time in our campers!

Praia de Sao Torpes
Praia de Sao Torpes

Portugal is often the destination in mind for those that want to enjoy the coast and all that the ocean has to offer. Though wild camping is becoming restricted here in some areas, there are still plenty of official places for campers to choose from that will suit those on a budget. Praia de Sao Torpes is a great spot with ocean views and is also within walking distance of the town of Sines, which has a lovely historical center.

Praia de Sao Torpes is free of charge and there are not many services here so you should arrive with everything you need to enjoy a couple of nights! Grey and black water can be emptied here, and water can be refilled. For these few services, there is a fee.

Tourist Farm Dolsko
Featured Farm

Tourist Farm Dolsko

Slovenia • Northeast of Ljubljana

Tourist Farm Dolsko
Tourist Farm Dolsko

This authentic, family-run farm in the countryside of Slovenia produces all their own food and invites campers to share all that they have. A warm welcome is guaranteed and the location is simply stunning. Slovenia has a lot to offer those traveling around in their campers and if you are in search of alternatives to a standard campsite, this is the country for you. At Tourist Farm Dolsko, the area of land designated for campers is found down behind the main farmhouse in the apple orchard. It is a simple, small field, not a lot of mod-cons but everything you need for a comfortable stay, including a basic toilet and shower.

A night at Tourist Farm Dolsko will cost you €15 and all the facilities are present to make your stay comfortable. Of course, the organic food is a huge highlight, and indulding here might take you a little over your budget!

Annovino Lednice Winery
Featured Winery

Annovino Lednice Winery

Czechia • in Lednice at the riverbank

Annovino Lednice Winery

Every now and then, a short stop at a winery is just what is called for on holiday. Czechia has some fabulous vineyards and many of them have a few spots on their land for campers to park up. Annovino Lednice Winery is one of these. It is found in the very heart of the magical Lednice-Valtice area, a UNESCO World Heritage site just a stone's throw from the Austrian and Slovakian border of the Czech Republic. Enjoy the incredible surroundings here with a glass of wine in hand!

A night at Annovino Lednice Winery costs €16 and the spot for campers is continually being improved. Electrical connections are provided for each motorhome, along with drinking and service water supplies, a sink for a chemical toilet, and a sink for grey water.

Ribamar Camping and Bungalow
Ribamar Camping and Bungalow

Even today, it is possible to stay at a luxurious campsite when you are traveling on a budget! Ribamar Camping and Bungalow has a great location in Spain, away from the mainstream tourist areas and about halfway between Valencia and Barcelona. The pitches for campers are well equipped and each is lined with hedges, giving a lovely feeling of privacy to each spot. The whole campsite is lush and green, with plenty of trees for shade in the warmer months. Ribamar Camping and Bungalow has a beautiful large seawater swimming pool with great showers and the kids' pool has a canopy for extra shade. You can also rent a bike from reception and take a quick trip to the coast.

At €20 per night, Ribamar Camping and Bungalow is a must-visit! Of course, it can get busy during weekends and holidays, so try to book in advance to you do not miss out. There is a 2-night minimum booking requirement for most of the year, and a 4-night minimum in peak months, but you will definitely want to stay longer!

Trapani House
Featured Private spot

Trapani House & Camp

Czechia • Růžová village, near Pravčická brána monument

Trapani House Czechia
Trapani House

This gorgeous, private spot in the countryside of Czechia is a great choice for some real peace and tranquility. There are only 3 spots for campers at Trapani House, so even when it is full there is barely anyone around! The camping and glamping area has access to showers and beautiful southern-style bathrooms. There are also sinks to wash dishes with hot water, freshwater source and a chemical toilet disposal point. On top of that there is a shared fridge, microwave oven and a kettle to boil water for your morning tea. The property is right at the little road and therefore easily accessible in any weather, even in winter.

At €20 per night, most campers will want to spend more than just one night at Trapani House! Even though you may not want to leave, this is also a great base camp to explore the surrounding area, and there are some amazing sights to see.

Bjørkheim parking
Bjørkheim parking

Norway is rightly famous for the stunning scenery that seems to make up the entire landscape! It is a treat indeed that it is not always necessary to pay for a luxurious campsite to be able to bathe in the incredible views and sit in your van in awe of your surroundings. Bjørkheim parking has 8 parking bays for campervans and mobile homes, and there is a supermarket within walking distance so it is easy to stock up on supplies. The city of Bergen is just 45 minutes away from here, so this is a great choice to come back to after a day of city tourism. The contrast between the two locations is amazing!

Bjørkheim parking is a FREE SPOT for campervans, so no matter how tight your budget may be there is no reason to avoid this beautiful area. There are also toilets here and a play area for kids.

Rödön/Lindesnäs parking

Finding a marina to park up in is always a great tip for campers traveling through Sweden, and Rödön/Lindesnäs parking is a fantastic choice. It is close to the city of Gothemburg so is a great choice for you if you fancy a day trip into this famous city. At the top of the hill, just above the camper area, is the amazing restaurant Villa Lindesnäs, where authentic Swedish dishes are served. Just behind the hill is the public beach Lindesnäs Bathing with a children's playground. Keep your fingers crossed for a sunny day to fully make the most of this park up!

Rödon/Lindesnäs parking is a FREE SPOT, therefore perfect for those of us traveling on a budget. It's a lovely spot with grassy areas to pop out a chair for the afternoon and the view over the water is just what you want on holiday.

Rubjerg Knudde Fyr
Rubjerg Knudde Fyr

Denmark is often thought of as one of the more expensive countries to travel around in Europe, but thankfully there are still options for those who are on a holiday budget! This parking area is on a cliff, overlooking the ocean with a view of the Rubjerg Knudde Fyr, a non-active lighthouse in the northern part of Denmark. It is worth the short hike up the hill to enjoy the view from there. There are about 6 places on the cliff and a few more on the nonpaved road leading to the cliff site. This is good to know, as it's always comforting to know there is an overflow area in case you arrive and the official parking spots are full!

Rubjerg Knudde Fyr is a FREE SPOT for campers to spend a night or two. There are no amenities here though, it is just a park up, so it may not be suitable for those of us with simpler campervans.

Blokhus Beach Parking
Blokhus Beach Parking

Another amazing spot for camping vehicles to explore in Denmark is Blokhus Beach Parking. If you have ever fancied driving your campervan on a beach road, stopping wherever you want, enjoying an endless sunset, and spending the night surrounded by sea and sand, Blokhus beach gives it all! The beach access is at Rodstrand and goes on for another 15km, with hard perfectly drivable sand. Safety rules are simple – stay at least 20m from the seashore and the spot is only for self-sufficient campers since there are no services. Advise is to stay on the harder black patches. In case you get stuck, local pickups drive along to give you a hand, which is an extra service you would have to pay for!

Blokhus Beach Parking is FREE to park on Blokhus Beach and as it feels almost endless you do not really need to worry about this spot ever being full. It is definitely a unique experience to simply drive onto the beach and choose your spot to stay for the night, and is a real treat for budget travel.

Beaulon Budget Camper Parking
Beaulon Camper Parking

France is an excellent choice of country in Europe for those traveling with a camping vehicle on a budget. There are places to park up and spend the night wherever you go and often at the end of a village or town. Beaulon Camper Parking is in the middle of the countryside on the banks of a canal. Campers have designated spaces that are incredibly generous and there is a service area just across the road for all your emptying and filling needs. A small house has a toilet and sink, and there is a service point for electricity and water, payable by token. The small road pictured here only gives access to the parking spots, so there is no traffic noise overnight. You can just open up your van and enjoy the stars.

Beaulon Camper Parking is FREE, with just a small charge for water and services. The toilet is free though! The small village is a short walk away with a store where you can pick up a few groceries. Just be sure to check the opening times though before setting off!

Algarve Motorhome Park Falésia
Featured Camper park

Algarve Motorhome Park Falésia

Portugal • At the edge of the village Açoteias

Algarve Motorhome Park Falésia
Algarve Motorhome Park Falésia

This parking area in Portugal is only a stone's throw away from the beahch of Praia da Falésia. It stretches over 6 km of pristine golden sand between Vilamoura (European Golf Capital) and Albufeira (Tourist Capital of the Algarve). It is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Portugal, with its high cliffs with strong tones, sometimes coppery, sometimes golden, which create a play of colors contrasting with the green areas of umbrella pines which dominate them. You may have thought you would need a small fortune in the bank to enjoy a holiday in the gorgeous area, but thankfully that is not the case at this motorhome park!

The price to spend a night at Algarve Motorhome Park Falésia starts from only €9. With around 100 spots here, you can be pretty sure that they will have room for you, whenever you are traveling. All the facilities are here too, to make your stay as comfortable as you would expect.

Budget parking in Italy
Hotel Willy Taverna

In the north of Italy, nestled among the mountains, is a budget camping area next to Hotel Willy. You can choose your preferred parking spot in this huge garden. There are trees everywhere for shade in the summer, and power sockets and taps are dotted around conveniently throughout. You can use the toilets and showers in the hotel next door and the restaurant is definitely worth a visit for the nights when you feel too lazy to cook! The whole place is family-run and you are guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome.

A night in the wonderful garden of Hotel Willy Taverna will cost €15 and it is as well-maintained as expensive campsites. The only thing to note is the railway just next to it, though it is not a very busy one and it did not disturb us during our stay there.

Parking with the view
Camper Park Olivares

Camper Park Olivares is a family-run camper park in Spain with lovely views of the surrounding hills making the perfect, serene backdrop for your holiday. It is located at the foot of the mountain in a small town called Los Albaricoques, surrounded by olive trees, almond trees and pitacos. There is so much space available for each camper, you can crack out your chairs and other furniture to make a comfortable camp with no worries about infringing on the space of your neighbors. This is a great base camp for making day trips into the local area and there are some fantastics towns to visit.

A night at Camper Park Olivares will set you back just €10. For this price, you might expect a very basic camper area but there are plenty of facilities here for you to enjoy your stay. Thanks to the space, large camping vehicles will feel especially comfortable here!

Camper parking Gaming
Featured Parking

Camper parking Gaming

Austria • District of Scheibbs

Camper parking Gaming
Camper parking Gaming

Austria may not be the first country that springs to mind if you are planning a budget holiday, especially in a camper. Wild camping is not allowed and the official free spots are few and far between. There are a few towns though that go out of their way to make campers more than welcome and one of these is Gaming. The spot it provides for camper vans and mobile homes is on the edge of some lovely gardens of the historic monastery. There are toilets, electricity, disposal areas, and even WiFi! The spots are on the edge of a large car park, so it is not an area where you can take out your furniture and set up camp, but for one or two nights it is a fantastic spot and you can enjoy some walks through the picturesque surroundings.

Everything at Camper parking Gaming is FREE. This includes electricity and WiFi. The toilets are kept clean and it is very nice to have them right next to the camper area. Every day, someone from Gaming visits the camper area to check that everyone is ok and has found everything that they need. It is a real treat to stay here.

Campers parking
Autokemp Dolní Morava

Autokemp Dolní Morava in Czechia is based just 1.5km away from the famous ski resort Větrný Vrch as well as the relaxation and sport resort – Lower Moravia. Tucked away in the quiet part of the village this camper spot is tranquil but still well connected to nearby facilities and perfect for those traveling through on a budget. You will always be warmly welcomed on arrival and made to feel instantly at home. There is a delightful creek running through the campsite and it is possible to camp right next to it. There is also a snack bar on site. It is a smaller campsite and as such is nice and quiet with a very relaxed atmosphere. It may be worth calling ahead though, especially if you are traveling during peak season, to make sure there is still a spot for you.

Autokemp Dolní Morava is €20 per night, which is the top end of our budget prices! For a campsite will all the normal facilities though, this is a bargain and is affordable to book for your holiday. Whatever season you pick for your holiday, there is plenty to do here and in the surrounding area.

Tatranska luka Leharo Camping
Featured Campsite

Leharo Camping

Slovakia • Under High Tatras Peaks

Tatranska luka Leharo Camping
Tatranska luka Leharo Camping

Spread on the beautiful meadow with a panoramic view of the peaks of High Tatras, Leharo Camping is a rather picturesque campsite in Slovakia. It offers extra spacious pitches so you do not need to worry about squeezing in. Each pitch has 16Amp electricity, so no worries using all your power-hungry appliances. Water connection and wastewater are also on the pitch. Within walking distance, there are plenty of restaurants, a swimming pool, wellness, and other activities. During hot summer days, you can cool down in a refreshing mountain stream a couple of meters away from your camper. However – “Leharo” means to “chill out, rest” in Slovak, so we encourage you to book a spot and do just that. And enjoy the views, knowing you are well within your budget for a cheap getaway!

It is €19 a night to stay at Leharo Camping, which is a great price for all that you get. You completely escape the stress of everyday life when you check in here, which is exactly what you want from a holiday.

Campng Car Park Seurre overview
Featured Marina

Camping Car Park area Seurre

France • Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Camping Car Park Seurre overview

As already mentioned here, France is an amazing country for those in campervans traveling on a budget. Another remarkable option is Camping Car Park Seurre. This quiet stopover near a beautiful embankment is a great choice while exploring the Bourgogne Franche Comté region. The location in the lovely park means you are surrounded by green while staying here and have plenty of shade during the hotter months. Each spot for campers is clearly designated and there is lots of room for each vehicles. Even if all the spots are full, you will not feel crammed in here. It is easily accessible from the motorway, with shops and restaurants nearby. It feels like you are staying in a private park!

Camping Car Park Seurre overview is €13 per night and there are great services on site for this budget price. It is very comfortable to stay here and the location provides easy access to the nearby town, with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from each evening!

All'antica Mattonata Camper Area

All'antica Mattonata Camper Area is a wonderful choice for a stopover while traveling on a budget through Italy. It is a well-organised, quiet, and clean rest area, at the foot of the city of Assisi. This is a very well-equipped area for campers annexed to the Agriturismo All'Antica Mattonata. If you want to take a day trip into the city, it is possible to leave your car parked safely at this camper area and visit Assisi on foot, by bike or by bus. It's really easy to get around from here. From the stop itself there is an incredible view of the city, which you can enjoy whenever you are having a relaxing moment in your home on wheels. The secluded and private area ensures that you will feel at peace while staying here!

The cost of All'antica Mattonata Camper Area is €17 for a night, and you are restricted to a 24 hour stay. Therefore, it really is intended as a stop to visit the neighboring city and for this, it does its job perfectly! It is a perfect stopover and you are guaranteed to enjoy your night here.

Camping Schloss Aigen
Featured Campsite

Premium+ Spot

Camping Schloss Aigen
Camping Schloss Aigen

Camping Schloss Aigen is on the outskirts of Salzburg in Austria, in the Aigen Nature Park, at the foot of the Gaisberg in the countryside. It enjoys an extremely quiet and green location, surrounded by trees and mountains. There are no traditional pitches, but plenty of parking on a green field. From here, it is just a short walk to a bus stop with buses driving into Salzburg. Therefore, this is a perfect campsite to stay on a budget if you want to see this awesome city. It is also reachable by bicycle if you travel with a couple attached to your camper! The campsite also has a restaurant and a small supermarket.

It is €19 per night to stay at Camping Schloss Aigen, and since this is such a beautiful area of Austria there is no reason to move on after a night! Book a few and enjoy a relaxing stay here.

Camping Sierra Maria
Camping Sierra Maria

With stunning views in every direction, Camping Sierra Maria is a fantastic campsite to unwind and enjoy the surroundings during your budget journey through Spain. So many facilities are included here, there is no need to leave once you have arrived! There is always a friendly welcome to greet you and a variety of pitches are available to choose from, including some shady spots for the hotter weather. This green and forested location is just a few minutes from the closest town of Maria, though it feels nice and secluded when you are staying here. Eagles and vultures can often be seen flying over head. With a cafe and swimming pool on-site, you will feel perfectly relaxed here and will need to find an excuse to leave!

€17 a night is all is will cost you to stay at Camping Sierra Maria, which makes it the perfect choice to stay for a week or two. You will not regret it!

If these spots are too far away from your planned budget travels this summer, take a look at our full collection of spots. From here, you can add your search parameters, including the amount you want to spend on a camping spot and which country you want to search in. You will find we have plenty of fabulous spots that will suit those out there trying to keep to a budget this year!

camping portugal

By Natasha Beckerson • July 2023

Tasha and Tristan are enthusiastic camper travelers, currently journeying in their orange vintage Mercedes van. Natasha, who previously lived in Borneo working for orangutan conservation, brings a minimalist lifestyle to their vanlife. The couple, without a permanent base, take on various projects across Europe, from pet-sitting to house renovation, earning enough for food and petrol. They constantly seek incredible camper stops to share with Camperguru members.

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